Did Brittany Banks Convert To Islam?

With Brittany’s latest social media stunt of deleting her Instagram, some are wondering if she gave in to Yazan’s family’s requests and converted.

Brittany Banks from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way has been dealing with a lot. After the November 1 episode aired, fans called her out for putting Yazan’s life in danger by not converting to Islam and marrying him quickly. However, now that Brittany recently deleted all her social media posts, some fans are theorizing that maybe she converted to Islam after all. So, did Brittany convert to Islam recently to be with Yazan? The short answer is: probably not.

Brittany Banks, 26, and Yazan Abo Horira, 24, have had a whirlwind of a time during their season of 90 Day Fiancé. When Brittany first arrived in Jordan, Yazan was angry with her for bringing alcohol and hugging a male producer. That was just the start of a tumultuous visit, which got much worse when Brittany visited Yazan’s parents, who were upset about her social media usage. Yazan agreed with his parents that the pictures Brittany posted weren’t appropriate if she was going to convert to Islam. Brittany was angry because she claimed Yazan always liked her social media pictures. She felt Yazan “switched up” when she arrived in Jordan, which could be because Yazan knew his parents were watching and he wanted to seem like a good Muslim son. With pressure mounting on Brittany to convert to Islam, she flew home. Now, with their relationship up in the air as Brittany is about to fly back to Jordan on-screen, her off-screen activity has some people thinking that maybe she did make the big decision to convert.

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Yazan’s parents found Brittany’s Instagram photos immodest, and Brittany seemed to ignore their complaints – until now. Last week, Brittany deleted her entire Instagram feed, which was the proof many needed to begin theorizing that she converted to Islam. Maybe she was finally respecting Yazan’s family’s wishes by getting rid of her revealing photos. Soon after she deleted her account, however, she made a new one. There are only four photos on it, three of which are pretty revealing, especially if she really did convert. Brittany also just celebrated getting the blue checkmark, an accomplishment for any wanna-be influencer. That’s not a sign of someone who is planning on paring down their Instagram game.

Brittany Banks Yazan: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé

Brittany may indeed have converted and kept up her social media, but it seems unlikely. The more logical reason for her new account is that she had a lot of messy, revealing comments on her old Instagram. She even allegedly invalidated her entire storyline in one comment she made replying to a fan who said she was endangering Yazan by claiming Yazan knew she was married the whole time, but didn’t want his parents to know he knew. Yazan’s life being in danger seems real, but how much Yazan knew going into his season, and how much he tried to hide, is up for debate. Furthermore, if Brittany converted to Islam, it would most likely be for Yazan, and many signs point to the fact that they are not together anymore.

Brittany did allegedly delete her OnlyFans account before starting the show, but that probably has more to do with wanting to respect Yazan as a person than being ready to convert herself. Although her recent social media activity has been strange, and could possibly point to her converting to Islam, there’s no official proof of the theory. For now, we’ll have to wait for Brittany to make an announcement from her now-verified Instagram account about her relationship and her religion.

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