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The new PlayStation 5 may have a setback when it comes to the new 3D audio and how it will work with sound options for headsets and TV speakers.

Among the more intriguing features of Sony’s PlayStation 5 is its 3D Audio technology, which will reportedly deliver a more immersive sound experience for players. Prospective PlayStation 5 owners might be curious about whether the console will allow the use of this tech – or any audio output at all – through both a headset and TV at the same time, which can be especially important for streamers.

The ability to have a sound option that lets audio function dually through the headset and TV is something many players enjoy. For instance, isolating chat conversations to a headset while sound plays separately through a TV’s speakers allows streamers to stream gameplay without chat interfering in a recording during multiplayer games. It is also a convenient feature for capturing content without the background noise of a chat. While the PlayStation 5 boasts many impressive updates, an inclusion of dual audio over the HDMI connection is not currently going to be possible. This could be a hurdle for some gamers.

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According to Sony, the PS5’s advanced Tempest 3D AudioTech system will work with most existing headsets. While not confirmed, perhaps the intricacies of this system could be the cause of the limitations that prevent audio simultaneously working between TVs and headsets. There might be a workaround in the future involving adapters or a potential hardware upgrade for the PlayStation 5 from Sony itself, but currently, there is little know about what TV/headset audio options might become available for those who need it.

The PlayStation 5 May Have Limits For Streamers and Certain Gamers


PlayStation 5 Audio Jack PS5 DualSense Controller

While the fast load times and the new sound system are boons for the PlayStation 5, simultaneous headset and TV audio support isn’t the only thing players will see changing as they leave the PS4 behind. Currently, mouse and keyboard support for the PS5 isn’t officially available. While the console will register a USB mouse and keyboard are plugged in, they aren’t fully usable. This is a real letdown for players who prefer to game with a mouse over a controller. The PS5’s DualSense controller is an amazing piece of tech, but the loss of choice for gamers could be as frustrating as the lack of sound control. These factors could limit different playstyles for the PlayStation community.

Although there might be some limitations for gamers to work around when the PS5 is released, there are plenty of new features for the console that have the community excited. Speedy load times, updated graphics, and a stunning new controller could all help immerse players in games like never before, and the PlayStation 5 offers a next-generation experience that could revolutionize future gaming. The setbacks with audio and keyboard limitations might be frustrating, but hopefully solutions for streamers and gamers who like audio options will be added, giving players more freedom of choice as they enjoy their new consoles.

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The PlayStation 5 will be available on November 12 in select countries and globally on November 19.

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