Boba Fett Was Trying To Steal Back His Armor

The Mandalorian’s season 2, episode 2 could tie into Boba Fett’s role in the series, and could hint that he might be trying to get his armor back.

Mando’s encounter with a group of thieves in The Mandalorian season 2, episode 2 could have been a plot on the part of Boba Fett to retrieve his old armor. The return of Boba Fett, played by Temuera Morrison, was announced well ahead of season 2’s debut on Disney+, much to the delight of fans of the cult favorite Star Wars character. While he’s only been briefly glimpsed in the season 2 premiere, there are hints at what his role on the show will be.

One big indication of where Boba Fett’s story could be going is the lack of his trademark armor and helmet. After originally falling into the possession of Marshal Cobb Vanth, as seen in the season 2 premiere, Fett’s old armor was then handed over to Mando before his departure at the end of the episode. This wouldn’t seem to say a lot other than just being a Boba Fett Easter Egg external of his actual appearance on the show, but it may have also set into motion what Fett’s role in season 2’s story will be.

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Alongside his fellow Star Wars luminary like Ahsoka Tano set to appear in season 2, Boba Fett’s inclusion surely goes beyond a simple cameo here and there. The ultimate reveal at the end of the episode just cements that point even more, pointing to Fett being a man on a mission. With Mando now carrying Fett’s old armor, that could also be right at the heart of what that mission is.

Mandalorian Teased Boba Fett Spying On Mando & Baby Yoda

The Mandalorian Boba Fett Season 2 Episode 1 Reveal

The Mandalorian‘s season 2 premiere held off on the involvement of Boba Fett until its closing seconds, but his very brief appearance might have ended up saying more than it may have seemed to. Following the slaying of the krayt dragon, Mando speeds off into the sunset with Baby Yoda, while Boba Fett watches from a distance. As Fett turns around and walks off, viewers can see that he’s missing his helmet and Mandalorian armor, and this could be saying something about his role on season 2.

Boba Fett’s appearance in the final scene of the season 2 premiere could indicate him actively keeping tabs on Mando. Judging by the framing of the scene and the look on Boba Fett’s face as he leaves, this points to him having some kind of business he intends to settle with Mando. More to the point, it could hint that Mando has something that Fett wants, and this idea gains more traction with the opening of season 2’s second episode.

Theory: Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 2 Attack on Mando Was for Boba Fett’s Armor

Boba Fett doesn’t make an appearance in the second episode of the season, but his presence might still be a factor in how the episode gets rolling. As it opens, Mando is attacked by a gang of bandits, with one of them almost getting away with his jetpack until Mando remotely deactivates it. What makes this scene interesting is that the bandits clearly know that Mando is coming, laying out a trap to clothesline him as his speeds through the desert. The question is how, and Boba Fett might provide the answer.

The trap seems to be set in a similar location, and Mando is still zipping at high speed across the sands of Tatooine, so the beginning of season 2’s second episode could seemingly be picking up right where the premiere left off. If that’s the case, the bandits could actually be working for Boba Fett with the intent of retrieving his armor from Mando. The fact that a group of random bandits are not only confronting Mando but are actually anticipating his arrival clearly shows that there’s more going on here than a simple robbery. Considering where the season 2 premiere left off, it could well be that Boba Fett is intent on getting his armor back and recruited some hired hands to assist him.

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Why Boba Fett Might Want His Armor Back

Surely Boba Fett is determined to get his armor back, so it begs the question of how long he’s been on that mission. Has Cobb Vanth ever crossed paths with Boba Fett after coming into possession of his armor, or did Fett only recently locate his old armor and begin his efforts to retrieve the armor after seeing it in Mando’s possession.

He seems to have lost the armor after escaping from the digestive system of the Sarlacc, but The Mandalorian has establishes Mandalorian armor can be extremely valuable, and, while Boba Fett isn’t actually a Mandalorian himself, it’s a significant part of his identity and he surely has a sentimental connection to it. In essence, Boba Fett’s efforts to retrieve his armor from Mando could be all about an effort on his part to resurrect the Boba Fett identity that he may feel stripped of.

What Will Boba Fett Do Next in The Mandalorian?

With Mando and Baby Yoda having departed Tatooine in his barely held-together ship at the end of episode 2, the question is when and how Boba Fett will be seen again on The Mandalorian. Considering how hyped Boba Fett’s appearance on the show has been, and the framing of him watching Mando from afar, further appearances by Fett along with he and Mando coming face-to-face are both assured. Fett’s hermit-like appearance may indicate he doesn’t have immediate access to a ship of his own, so he’d need to commandeer one or catch a ride on someone else’s to continue pursuing Mando.

Of course, the story could simply shift back to Tatooine to facilitate their meeting, but doing so would not only be repetitive but undercut Fett’s determination to catch up to Mando. More likely, Fett will find a way to follow Mando without his knowledge, in order for their meeting to take place. If Fett is indeed hiring others to help him steal back his armor from Mando, he’s also probably inclined to continue this tactic in order to avoid a direct confrontation, meaning that there’s a good chance that there will be quite a bit more build-up on the show before the two actually meet and Bobe Fett’s motivations become completely clear.

As of right now, what Boba Fett wants from Mando isn’t outright confirmed, but with Mando’s encounter with a group of desert bandits who somehow knew he was on the way, it may be that Fett hired them. If that’s the case, then Fett’s armor now in the possession of Mando stands out of the object that could make him a target for the famed bounty hunter. Viewers will have to wait and see what is driving the returning Boba Fett until his role on The Mandalorian is more fleshed out, but it might very well be the case that his identity is imprinted on his lost armor now carried by Mando.

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