10 Things You Should Avoid Doing In PVP If You Want To Survive

PvP is a crucial element in Destiny 2. Here are some things you should avoid in order to survive in the game.

It’s clear Destiny 2, Bungie’s cosmic-sized first-person shooter has continued to grow in popularity, and in terms of the content offered by the franchise, for the last few years. With their newest expansion Beyond Light just weeks away from being released, countless players have spent much of their time painstakingly refining their loadouts and subclasses before planetary materials, quests, and weapons get vaulted.

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The current meta for the game’s PvP modes is sure to change once the new abilities and weapons get into the hands of competitive players online, so focusing on the current do’s and don’ts of the game is crucial to staying alive.

10 Pushing The Wrong Capture Points

Those intimately familiar with Control or any other PvP game mode in Destiny 2 that requires capturing points have surely seen teammates push for control of the wrong ones. Whether you’re forcing a spawn flip or finding your fireteam caught in a bind with only one point captured, the objective should be to focus on the point most accessible at that moment. It’s easy to forget that the game’s objective-based PvP modes require more than just plenty of eliminations.

9 Disregarding Wizards In Gambit Prime

In Gambit, the overlap between PvE and PvP really shines, with countless enemies to consider while also trying to eliminate members of the opposing fireteam through invasions and mote collecting. However, in Gambit Prime the objective is made more difficult with the inclusion of wizards that need to be eliminated in order to do damage to the Primeval. Remember that Gambit Prime is one winner-take-all round, and whenever the Primeval is summoned, THREE wizards will need to be eliminated first to make the boss vulnerable.

8 Hoarding Motes In Gambit

Some of the best aspects of Gambit come from the team play: having a fireteam communicate effectively and eliminate enemies that spawn while collecting motes quickly can turn the tides in your favor. One of the least effective strategies, however, is hoarding motes after you and your fireteam shred countless enemies. The greatest risk is having an invader from the opposing team spawn on your side of the map and eliminate you before you can make that crucial deposit.

7 Launching A Panicked Super

The consensus online is that a “Fist of Panic” super is the least strategic move you can make when there are plenty of better options to stay alive in PvP. Before burning your super, consider where you are in relation to your fireteam during the match.

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A well-timed and smartly executed super could change the game for you and your team if not wasted on a single enemy popping up around the corner.

6 Not Team Shooting Enemies In Gambit

Strategies in Gambit and Gambit Prime can’t be stressed enough because of the reliance on teamwork and communication needed to win rounds. One of the more crucial strategies that can be utilized more often is team shooting enemies that spawn in their respective zones on the map. Those same Cabal or Taken that spawn much healthier than others will need multiple pairs of eyes on them to take them down quickly and efficiently. Playing through Destiny 2’s different seasons can help you break out of habits that don’t incorporate teammates, or even just taking a break with a different multiplayer game to help flex those nerves.

5 Not Expanding Map Awareness

Map knowledge in any first-person shooter is really the make or break for you and your team going into a given match. However, if the only time you ever learn about the map is when your fireteam is matchmaking publicly, you’ll more than likely find yourself on the losing end of games. Destiny 2 isn’t the only game to emphasize the importance of location in PvP modes. Take advantage of private and custom match lobbies where you can really strategize and learn the layout of the land before hopping into a live match.

4 Running Through Matches Solo

Not everyone can call on a full fireteam to take up a six-person raid but the most helpful thing players who queue up solo can do is use that headset of theirs. In PvP, communication is the difference between a control point captured or lost, and using every opportunity to help your teammates with callouts (even after you’ve died) can make all the difference in team chemistry.

3 Choosing The Same Loadout Every Match

Players can agree that sometimes the exotic weapon that took the longest to get is a must-have for any match type. The problem with that strategy, however, is the usability of that same exotic weapon in a given situation.

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Close quarter maps that would complement the use of a submachine gun or shotgun could bring the downfall of a player adamant about using their coveted sniper throughout.

2 Pushing The Enemy Team Without Support

Regardless of how powerful a singular weapon or subclass might be, numbers almost always beat out a single guardian pushing multiple people. To help your fireteam out in PvP, be sure to utilize the radar on your HUD, as well as equipping weapons that lengthen the amount of time the radar stays active, in order to push enemy guardians with another teammate to support.

1 Overlooking Weapon And Armor Perks

Light level definitely matters in several of the game modes offered up in Destiny 2‘s PvP modes, but to focus solely on those numbers alone would be a disservice to the perks made available to you. Don’t forget the unique and often game-changing perks of legendary and exotic weapons, as well as armor, to use in order to better equip yourself before your next match.

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