Why Quentin Tarantino Should Make Kill Bill Vol. 3 (& Why He Shouldn’t)

Quentin Tarantino has said he may want to return to Kill Bill, his sweeping revenge saga, for a third film. In fans’ eyes, there are pros and cons.

Quentin Tarantino proved himself to be a highly skilled action director with his violent and wild revenge saga, Kill Bill. The film is split into two parts and tells the story of The Bride (Uma Thurman), a former assassin who was betrayed by her boss and left for dead. After waking from a coma, she sets out to get her revenge.

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Tarantino has made some mention of wanting to return to the story for a third film, though it could easily be one of his many unfulfilled projects. Still, there are many fans who would love to see a Kill Bill Vol. 3 while others have some reservations about revisiting the story.

10 Should: The Set-Up

Vivica A Fox Has An Inspired Kill Bill 3 Casting Suggestion

There seems to be a clear set-up for what the third film would tackle, which is established in an early scene in Vol. 1. The Bride visits the home of one of her would-be assassins, Vernita Green. After a brutal fight, The Bride kills Vernita only to see that her young daughter Nikki witnessed the whole thing.

The Bride tells Nikki that her mother had it coming but if Nikki is still angry about it when she is older, she can seek The Bride out. Tarantino confirmed this would be the direction the sequel would take and it’s hard not to get excited about seeing that play out.

9 Should Not: A Bit Repetitive

While the set-up is intriguing, it’s hard to see how the third film would be too much different from the other two installments. It feels like Tarantino told his revenge film and it might feel repetitive to go down the same path again.

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Tarantino is known for defying expectations, but it doesn’t seem likely that he would be passionate enough about exploring such a similar world all over again.

8 Should: Zendaya

Zendaya in Spider-Man: Homecoming with a slight frown wearing a green jacket sitting in a classroom

With only a brief appearance, Vivica A. Fox gave a very memorable performance as Vernita Green in the first Kill Bill. When asked about her thoughts on Nikki’s story continuing, Fox expressed interest in seeing it happen, giving the perfect casting suggestion of Zendaya as an older Nikki.

This is only a suggestion not based on any actual discussions or developments, but it sounds pitch-perfect. Emmy-winner Zendaya is becoming one of the most compelling actors working today and it would be a lot of fun seeing her in the action hero role.

7 Should Not: Better Left Hanging

Uma Thurman in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill Volume 1 with samurai sword

While the set-up for this movie is clear, just because it is there does not mean it needs to be paid off. Tarantino likely didn’t include that moment so he could do a third film, but rather because it was a thrilling moment for the characters.

There are plenty of hanging threads left in Tarantino films and for the most part, they are better left hanging. It gives audiences something to imagine on their own without having to see how it might actually play out.

6 Should: Full Circle

To return to this saga just to tell another story of someone hunting down those who wronged them would feel pointless. However, there are some exciting ways of exploring how The Bride’s story has come full circle.

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The third film could explore how The Bride is now put in the position Bill was in and realizing that her own revenge mission led her to this. The concept that vengeance only leads to further vengeance is a compelling one and it could be a more intimate take on the revenge tale.

5 Should Not: A Satisfying Ending

By the end of Vol. 2, the Kill Bill story had fulfilled the promise of its title. After getting her revenge on Bill, The Bride is reunited with her long-lost daughter and the audience gets a sweet and emotionally satisfying ending that isn’t usually expected from Tarantino.

To return to this story to continue the path of violence would almost feel like a betrayal of that ending. Despite the lingering question of Nikki Green that might nag at some viewers, Tarantino delivered a fitting ending to his saga.

4 Should: Uma Thurman

Tarantino reunited with Uma Thurman following their memorable collaboration on Pulp Fiction. However, this is quite a different role for Thurman and one that she seemed born to play.

The Bride is one of the most noteworthy action heroes of the 21st century and Thurman gives one of the best action movie performances of all time. She is incredibly badass and relentless, but also brings charm, humor, and heartbreak. It would be a thrill to see her return to the role she helped make so memorable.

3 Should Not: A Smaller Idea

Part of what made the first two films so great was the world Tarantino created to tell this story. Though it was somewhat grounded, he delivered an exciting and fascinating mythology for this world of assassins. Likewise, with each new person on The Bride’s list, it felt like Tarantino was stepping into a new genre.

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It’s hard to imagine Nikki’s revenge against The Bride would be as big of a story as the previous films.

2 Should: Tarantino’s First Real Sequel


While Vol. 2 is technically a sequel, Kill Bill was originally made as one epic film before being split into two parts. For Tarantino to come back for a third film would be his first true sequel, which is an intriguing idea.

With Vol. 2 coming out more than 15 years ago, Tarantino will be able to step back into this world and return to these characters in a really unique way. It would be exciting to see how he approaches a continuation of the story.

1 Should Not: His Last Film

Quentin Tarantino Awards Show

As Tarantino has said many times already, he plans to retire from directing after his tenth film. As he counts Kill Bill as one big movie, that means he only has one film left before he steps away from the camera for good.

Do fans really want to see Tarantino’s final film be something we’ve already seen from him? Few people tell original stories like he does; it would be great to see what fresh new idea he could come up with before calling it quits.

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