Scrubs: 10 Unpopular Opinions (According To Reddit)

During its nine-year run, Scrubs cultivated an incredibly loyal fanbase. And since then, these fans have been announcing everything they love and hate about the series all over the internet. A lot of the opinions overlap, but not all of them. Some fans have a very different point of view on certain things about the series.

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These unpopular opinions are no less valid, however. In fact, it’s really interesting to see a fan who disagrees with the general consensus. Luckily, Reddit is a great place to find alternate viewpoints. Here are some of the most fascinating or unique ones about the hospital dramedy.

10 JD Was A Jerk

In plenty of long-running shows, the lead character draws ire from a portion of the fanbase. In Scrubs’s case, it’s certainly not the majority, yet there is a section of viewers who don’t like JD.

One thread, in particular, calls out the Doctor for his often selfish and thoughtless behavior. As entertaining as the character was, the criticism isn’t without merit, as Dorian did some morally questionable things throughout the show.

9 The Show Got Too Silly In The Later Seasons

At its best, Scrubs perfectly blended wacky comedy with serious dramatic moments. It was impressive how they did it, as the tone could shift within minutes.

However, someone on Reddit thinks that the balance wasn’t great in the later years as it got too outrageous. The user claims that the early seasons were a lot more grounded, and the series was better for it. There’s no doubt that in the first two years, things were more ordinary. Whether the increase in wackiness was for better or worse is a personal preference.

8 Hated The Todd

Despite rarely having anything significant to do, Todd was one of the most beloved supporting characters in the show. He would often come in with a sexual innuendo, offer a high-five, and leave. Over the years, that specific format provided a constant stream of laughs.

Yet, it wasn’t for everyone, as one user on Reddit finds the character to be one-dimensional and feels the running gag about his love of sex quickly grows tiresome. It’s hard to disagree about the one-dimensional aspect as there was never much depth to the character. For many, however, the repetitiveness of his gags added to his humor.

7 Liked “A Night To Remember”

Nothing annoys a loyal fanbase more than a clip show. And Scrubs’s “A Night To Remember” is no different as it’s regularly considered among the worst episodes of the series.

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A certain Redditor, though, defends the episode and claims they liked it. They argue that it’s actually well put together, praising both the music and editing. The user even gives props to the story that surrounded the clips. While it’s not an opinion that’s easy to agree with, it’s nice to see that someone enjoyed the episode.

6 Season Six Was Bad

Musical TV Scrubs

Izzy’s birth, a musical, Laverne’s death, Kim’s fake miscarriage, all these things happened in the jam-packed season six. So there’s no doubting that it was an important season, but was it actually good? There’s at least one Reddit user who doesn’t think so. In fact, they consider the season to be the show’s worst outside of the last one.

They cite Kim and JD’s relationship, Carla’s postnatal depression, and the arguments about the Iraq war as the main reasons why. The Redditor might have a point as it’s certainly an uneven season.

5 Netflix’s Music Choice Is Better At Times

Music was always a big part of Scrubs, particularly when it came to the ends of episodes as a tune would always accompany the final piece of narration. And these songs were specifically picked by the powers at be to enhance both what was happening on screen and what the narrator (usually JD) was saying.

Unfortunately, though, some of the music needed to be changed when the show moved to streaming services. It has been something that viewers have lamented for multiple years. In one fan’s opinion, though, the new music is sometimes more fitting than the originals.

4 JD And Elliot Shouldn’t Have Ended Up Together

JD and Elliot were the classic will-they-won’t-they couple of the series. The two danced around their affections for each other for several years until they finally got together in season eight. A happy ending, right? Not for everyone, as some on Reddit thought the pair were never a perfect match for one another.

One user thought their relationship was just a ratings grab and that the only thing the two lovers had in common was that they were both attractive. It’s certainly a controversial opinion, but it’s certainly not the craziest idea to suggest that both JD and Elliot would’ve been better off with other people.

3 “My Screw Up” Was Overrated

Ben Cos and JD in Scrub's episode "My Screw-up"

“My Screw Up” is one of the most popular Scrubs episodes ever. The love for it comes from its twist ending where it’s revealed that Ben Sullivan actually succumbed to his cancer earlier in the episode, much to Dr. Cox and the audience’s shock.

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However, not everyone was enamored with the whole thing. A person on Reddit thinks the build to the twist was lackluster. They feel that it was too coincidental that Ben would die on the same day he came to visit and too unrealistic that it would happen so suddenly.

2 Season Nine Was Good

The most hated season of Scrubs, by far, is the ninth. In what was the last season of the show, the focus shifted from the original characters to a group of med students. Plenty of fans have spent years bashing the season since it first aired.

A few users on Reddit, though, aren’t as critical. One, for instance, praises how the show transitioned from the old guard to the newbies. They also appreciate how the season gave the popular Denise a bigger role after she was just a side character in season eight.

1 The Janitor Was One Of The Worst Characters On TV

Few characters in any show made viewers laugh as often as The Janitor. From his outrageous stories to his insane plans to torture JD, the character was almost the highlight of every episode.

Although, someone on Reddit heavily disagrees with that opinion. They go as far as saying, “I never liked the janitor, and I think he is one of the worst characters on a tv show.” They don’t elaborate on why they dislike The Janitor so much. Perhaps they feel he goes too far in his mistreatment of JD, or he’s simply too bizarre for their tastes. Regardless of the reason, the user is definitely spot on in calling it an unpopular opinion.

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