Porsche Won’t Make An All-Electric 911 “For A Long Time”, Hybrid Likely

Porsche’s CEO Oliver Blume shot down rumors about a potential all-electric 911, revealing instead some potential information about the long-rumored plug-in hybrid version.

Blume was adamant that an all-electric variant of the Porsche 911 is not going to happen anytime soon, if ever.

“Let me be clear, our icon, the 911, will have a combustion engine for a long time to come,” Blume said to Bloomberg. “The 911 is a concept of the car that is prepared for the combustion engine. It’s not useful to combine it with pure electric mobility. We believe in purpose-designed cars for electric mobility.”

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Turning the 911 into a battery-powered sports car isn’t ideal according to Blume, who believes that if Porsche ever made an all-electric sports car, it would likely be an all-new model.

“I think for the future there is also space for very sporty pure electric sports car to add to those [other] sports cars,” Blume commented. “There are big opportunities.”

However, the iconic 911 isn’t immune to the industry’s major shift to electrified powertrains; Porsche’s boss stopped short of confirming the rumored plug-in hybrid variant of the 911 that been circulating for quite some time, but he did speak about certain ideas they have about such a variant.

“In the future for the 911, there are good ideas for a special kind of hybrid, a very performance-oriented hybrid, where we use, for example, a 400-volt system for our electric engine. That’s more or less our idea of how to continue with the 911.”

Updated: November 8, 2020 — 4:44 pm

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