Key & Peele’s “Bup Bup Bup” Pitches An Intense Bachelor’s Party Game

Key And Peele’s “Bup Bup Bup” sees friends get together for a bachelor party but things get interesting when the best man pitches an unusual game.

Key And Peele’s “Bup Bup Bup” pitches an intense bachelor party game between a group of friends. Key And Peele is a Comedy Central sketch show starring Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele with skits covering everything from relationships to politics and pop culture. The show quickly proved to be a favorite when sketch “I Said…” from their very first episode when viral, and every single episode had at least one standout skit in it.

It was pretty clear from Key And Peele the duo were big horror fans too, with good examples being “Hall Or Mirrors” or “Alien Imposters.” It was still something of a surprise that post-Key And Peele Jordan Peele would totally reinvent himself as a horror auteur, beginning with 2017’s acclaimed Get Out. In addition to directing his own movies, he’s a prolific producer on other genre films and shows, including Nia DeCosta’s upcoming Candyman legacy sequel and Lovecraft Country. While Peele has largely moved away from acting in recent years, Key is still a familiar face on the big and small screens.

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Key And Peele’s “Bup Bup Bup” is a season two sketch that sees Keegan-Michael Key’s Tommy having a wild bachelor party with his friend’s the night before his wedding. They’re settling in for a crazy night of drinking and manly bonding, and of course, Jordan Peele’s Best Man up’s the ante by suggesting they get a stripper too. While that’s initially met with manly hoots of approval, the best man’s vague definition of “connect the dots” or joining together for some “bup bup bup” starts confusing the groomsman.

The more they ask him to define what “bup bup bup” is, the more confusing it gets. When it becomes clear he’s referring to all of them “linked up” while Tommy sleeps with the stripper, they react with horror. The best man’s attempts to convince them it will be wild and fun the more they complain, especially when he suggests it should just be the groom and the groomsmen.

Key And Peele’s “Bup Bup Bup” is a skewering of dude-bro bachelor party antics and cliches, and while the groom and groomsmen seemingly having no qualms about cheating on their partners, their squirming discomfort about the best man’s “bup bup bup” game is a delight. It’s also held together by Peele’s utter conviction as the Best Man that his friends will love his suggestion, while at the same time withholding actually describing what the game is.

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