Game of Thrones Night King Actor Trolls Trump By Claiming Victory

Game of Thrones’ Night King actor, Vladimír Furdík trolls President Donald Trump on social media by claiming victory in the show’s biggest battle.

Game of Thrones Night King actor, Vladimír Furdík trolls President Donald Trump on social media by claiming victory in the show’s biggest battle. At first glance, the central conflict within HBO’s hit fantasy series appears to revolve around the Iron Throne that decides who rules over the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. And indeed, that’s where Game of Thrones spent most of its time, focusing on the titular game as Houses fought each other for control. However, from the very beginning of the series, there was another battle brewing, and it seemed far more pressing: The battle between the living and the dead.

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The Night King first appeared in season 4 and was played by Richard Brake before Furdík took over in season 6. With his icy skin and ability to raise the dead, the Night King was immediately a formidable opponent. The final fight against him took place in the season 8 episode “The Long Night,” which tracked the epic (and rather hard to see) Battle of Winterfell. The stakes were quite high, seeing as the Night King had an army of undead White Walkers that picked off humans with terrifying ease. In the end, however, he was soundly defeated when Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) stabbed him with a Valyrian dagger.

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It’s that last detail that serves as the punchline for Furdík’s joke. This weekend, the US presidential election came to an end with Joe Biden being declared the winner. Before that, however, current President Trump took to social media to announce he was the winner. Furdík spoofed Trump’s tweet by writing, “I WON THE BATTLE OF WINTERFELL, BY A LOT!” Game of Thrones fans know perfectly well that was not the case.

Before Game of Thrones season 8 premiered, the Battle of Winterfell was hyped to be the biggest and grandest action sequence the show had ever done. However, the final result earned mixed responses from fans, partially because many found it hard to see what was going on. Beyond that, they were surprised there weren’t bigger casualties (with the most impactful death likely being Iain Glen’s Jorah Mormont) and that Arya ended up being the one to kill the Night King. The majority of fans assumed it would be Jon Snow (Kit Harington) who dealt the final blow.

Regardless, though, it’s hard to deny that the Battle of Winterfell was among the largest seen on Game of Thrones, since it took up an entire episode. Even now, more than a year later, Game of Thrones‘ final season is a controversial topic among fans, and it’s unlikely that will change any time soon. At the same time, it’s funny to see how it still gets referenced within everyday life, just proving how much Game of Thrones remains a major part of pop culture. This is one thing people just can’t let go.

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Source: Vladimír Furdík/Twitter

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