Fessy Teases That He’d Come Back For A Redemption Season

Big Brother 20 star Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat revealed that he’d be willing to come back to compete on a redemption season of the show.

Big Brother 20 star Faysal “Fessy” Shafaat revealed that he’d be willing to come back to compete on a redemption season of the show. The fans will remember that BB20 wasn’t a walk in the park for Fessy and his allies. For about half of the game, Fessy watched all of his allies being taken out one by one, blindside after blindside. It all started with Swaggy C in week 2, but other major blindsides included Kaitlyn Herman in week 4, Bayleigh Dayton in week 6, and Angela Rockstar in week 7. Then, Fessy became Head of Household in week 8, and after so many weeks of being blindsided, the viewers thought that the house would finally have a big power shift that week.

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But the Level Six alliance truly steamrolled Big Brother 20, even when they didn’t actually hold the power during a given week. After quite a few mind games, Fessy made the huge mistake of putting up his ally, Scottie Salton, on the block. His then-showmance partner Haleigh Broucher warned him in many different ways, but Fessy didn’t listen. In the end, Scottie got voted out, which left Fessy and Haleigh even more in danger. Not too long after, both Fessy and Haleigh were sent to the jury house as well.

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On Sunday, November 8, BB20 star Fessy took questions from his followers on Instagram. One fan asked if he’d ever do Big Brother again, and Fessy replied via an Instagram Story (seen below) with another question: “redemption season?” Then, at the very bottom of the IG Story, Fessy tagged the official Big Brother Instagram account. Despite not being remembered as a great strategist on BB20, Fessy did prove himself as a very strong player in the competitions. In 2020, Fessy was cast on The Challenge: Total Madness, and he made it all the way to fourth place, which is very impressive.

There’s a long history of fans speculating about a Big Brother redemption season. When David Alexander was announced on Big Brother 22: All-Stars, that particular casting decision seemed to perfectly fit in with the concept of a “redemption” or “second chance” season: a player that showed a lot of promise but that was sent home earlier than expected. Still, there’s some debate within the fandom about whether or not that concept would live up to its potential.

Word Big Brother word.

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Sources: Fessy’s Instagram

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