Angela Shares Sweet Surprise Gift Tyler Gave Her Before Big Brother 22

Angela Rummans shared with her fans a surprise gift that Tyler Crispen gave her before he left for Big Brother 22: All-Stars. Find out what it was.

Angela Rummans shared with her fans a surprise gift that Tyler Crispen gave her before he left for Big Brother 22: All-Stars. The fans love following the Tangela love story, which started all the way back on Big Brother 20. At the time, Tyler was just a 23-year-old guy from Hilton Head, South Carolina who was still figuring out his life. In turn, Angela had already accomplished quite a few things for being just 26 years old – going from athlete to fitness model to self-made businesswoman. This might’ve seemed like an unlikely pairing when the fans first got to know them on the show. However, over the weeks, it became apparent that there were very real feelings growing between these two.

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Tyler and Angela instantly bonded on Big Brother 20 when they found out that they were both from Hilton Head, South Carolina. Angela had since moved to California, but it was still a wild coincidence for her to meet someone on the show who was also from her hometown given that the city has less than 40,000 residents. Initially, Tyler tried to keep a low profile around Angela… but it became harder by the week for them to hide their secret showmance. While most people did catch up to what was happening, it didn’t make a big difference, because Tyler and Angela were in the same alliance anyway. Together, this power couple got themselves to the Final 4.

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In 2020, Tyler Crispen returned to the series to compete on Big Brother 22: All-Stars. In turn, Angela Rummans released her first-ever vegan cookbook, which has been a huge success. Nonetheless, Tyler and Angela had a rough time being away from each other for so long. But Angela is now sharing a little surprise gift that Tyler left for her before he left for BB22. In an Instagram post (seen below), Angela told the story behind the beautiful dress that she is wearing in the picture. “I showed Ty this handmade dress on IG months ago and before he left he had the same one custom made for me, measurements and all. Then… had it delivered and surprised me while he was on the show.” In the second photo included on the post, one can see the message that Tyler handwrote for her: “Created for Angela with love.”

It’s very thoughtful and sweet that Tyler surprised Angela with this dress before he had to leave for three months to film Big Brother: All-Stars. In fact, this almost sounds like a plot point from P.S. I Love You, which is all very romantic. At least Angela had something to hold onto while he was in the house, and Tyler knew that she would’ve been very happy whenever she received the surprise gift.

The love between Tyler and Angela was clear on BB20, but any haters were shut down after watching Tyler’s journey on Big Brother 22: All-Stars. He constantly shouted her out and was reminded of her from little things that happened to him throughout the day.

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Sources: Angela Rummans’ Instagram

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