Tired of Among Us? Play These Popular Google Doodle Games Instead

Though everyone loves the InnerSloth game Among Us, some have likely played it so much that they are burning out on it. Everyone loves to run around, accomplish their tasks, and find the imposters. Though it first came out in 2018, its popularity has exploded lately due to influencers on social media playing it and celebrating it. However, at this point, some are searching for another idle type game to play. In that vein, ask yourself a question.

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Do you do Google doodle? If you have not yet played Google doodles, you are really missing out. Google doodles began in the late nineties, and since then, there have been over 2,000 Google doodles. These doodles are released on holidays or to commemorate special days throughout history. They can range from music mixers to arcade type games. They are wonderfully creative, extremely innovative, and visually stunning.

Google may not be known for its gaming concepts, but these doodles truly are in a class all by themselves. Here are the top seven Google doodles to play for those of you who can’t take finding out who is sus anymore.

7 Basketball 2012 –  Summer Olympic Games

For the 2012 Summer Olympics, there were a few different google doodles. This was one of the most popular ones, and it is no surprise why. Pop-up, basketball toss games have always been popular, from Nintendo to the upcoming PS5, and will continue to be so. This was Google’s version of that in honor of the London Games, which was very nostalgic.

When you clicked on the Google doodle on August 8, 2012,  you got to use the space bar to shoot as many free throws as you can in 25 seconds. Of course, it is a bit more complicated. You have to hold the space bar for the exact right amount of time, too short, and you’ll toss a brick, too long, and you will go over the backboard completely.

Though not customizable, the little arcade guy is adorable, and it is possible to play for hours to try and beat your own score.

6 155th Anniversary of the Pony Express

To celebrate the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express – which now is the US Post Office –  this Google doodle went up on April 14, 2015. Though actually founded on April 3 in 1860, the first mail made it to the intended recipient on April 14 – which was their pledged time. It was an amazing development for the burgeoning country.

In this doodle, the player controls a mail carrier on a horse and has to dodge cacti, rocks, and other obstacles as you collect mail pieces. If you hit one of those obstacles, your rider will get thrown off the horse. The goal is to collect 100 letters and make the ultimate delivery. It is a great way to while away a few hours.

5 Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary

Ah, the good Doctor. Who doesn’t love Dr. Who? To show love for the Doctor, his fifty years were going strong and eleven different iterations of the time-traveling Doctor requested by a huge fan at Google. Going live on November 24, 2015, this doodle allows users to play as any of the doctor’s 11 versions. The mission is to collect the letters of Google, which have been stolen and scattered through time.

This doodle is a great arcade version of a tribute to one of the most popular sci-fi characters in entertainment history. With the Daleks, the ones who stole the letters, and the Doctor traveling in his own little Tardis to collect them through space and time, this game will be sure to please even the most casual Dr. Who fan and suck anyone who tries it in for repeated play.

4 Rubik’s Cube

In 1980 the Rubik’s Cube hit stores across the world. It quickly became a popular toy and remained so to this day. At some point in time, everyone will pick up the square and solve all the colors together. It sucks you in so completely you do not even realize how much time has passed while working on it.

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On May 19, 2014, the Google doodles team released the tried and true cube as a doodle. The game is as entertaining online as it is in real life. A great way to entertain your mind and keep your hands busy, and it will entertain you for far longer than you may want it to.

3 Garden Gnome

The Garden Gnome Google doodle is a fascinating one. Not only is it a cool game, but there is also an introduction that gives a little overview of how gnomes are made. The little animated intro is fun and leads you right into the game.

The doodle game itself is easy enough…choose the gnome you want and click it to load it into your catapult. Then you have to fling the gnome by hitting the go button at the exact right moment to let the gnome fly, spreading seeds as you go. The goal is to get it to go seventy feet, and even further if possible. There are things on the ground to either stop or aid your gnome in its progression, and it is easy to keep going to try and beat your record.

2 Halloween 2016 – Cat Wizard

The annual Halloween Google doodle in 2016 was wildly popular, and with good reason. The game has five different levels set in a school for magical creatures. Your protagonist is Mom, a first-year cat student, and you have to save the school and retrieve the master spellbook from some jokester ghosts.

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As the ghosts progress towards you, the goal is to defeat them by drawing the symbol over their head anywhere on the screen with your mouse. Though a simple idea, the game is really addicting, and you may even find yourself screaming at your screen as the symbol over the head of each ghost gets added to, and the long lines confuse you.

1 30th Anniversary of PAC-MAN

Any version of Pac-Man is a winner, and the doodle one is no different. It is the game, miniaturized, and put onto a board with the Google logo superimposed in the background. Simply click the little button that says insert coin, and use your mouse pad to move Pac-Man. Avoid the ghosts, gobble the dots, and get the cherries.

To celebrate 30 years of the popular game by putting it on an international platform for free was a great nod to one of the most popular, never-ending, non-violent games ever invented. Click, gobble, and enjoy.

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