Thor’s Valhalla Has Become His Own Personal Hell

Thor is in desperate need of a day off and decides to tag-in alter-ego, Dr. Donald Blake. Just one problem… Don has gone completely off the rails.

Thor has been having trouble adjusting to his new role as the All-Father. Protecting the Ten Realms is no easy task, even for a God. Life as Thor isn’t getting any easier with Mjolnir becoming increasingly heavier for him to wield yet lighter for others. Something is clearly wrong. Thor has faced off against the great multiversal threat The Black Winter and has seen a horrific vision of the future and his own demise. With the weight of multiple worlds on his shoulders, The God of Thunder desperately needs a mental health day.

Thor thoroughly enjoyed living his life as Dr. Donald Blake, a persona that would later gain its own sentience, probably because his time as Blake was so much simpler. Thor tells Loki that he must swap places with Blake to escape life as the king for a weekend. Normally when Thor switches places with Blake he goes into elder-sleep, a state where he can get counsel from the dead. Loki agrees to watch over Blake while he and Thor switch places.

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In Thor #9 by Donny Cates, Nic Klein, and Matt Wilson The God of Thunder is trapped, and Blake is finally free. Odin created a suburban paradise for Blake to live in, a place where time stood still, and Blake enjoyed being fully immersed in a dream-like state. However, he eventually woke up from his dream and realized his world was not a paradise but a prison. He found himself in a world without time and without change. Donald wanted to escape and desperately for Thor to save him but no one ever came. The monotony of the world Odin created for him drove him mad and he slaughtered all the occupants in the kingdom.

When Thor switches places with Donald he is unaware that the man he replaces himself with is evil and psychotic. Donald attacks Loki and snaps his wooden cane (his version of Mjolnir) in half, effectively trapping The God of Thunder leaving The Shadow of Thunder in his place. Instead of the quick escape from responsibility that Thor was hoping for, he instead left the ten realms vulnerable to the evilest version of himself yet. Thor’s Valhalla has become his own personal hell, which is not exactly the best of vacation destinations.

Donald Blake was first born as an alias for Thor, then he began an entirely new existence as an independent being. Odin created Blake to humble Thor without thinking of the repercussions of giving something life without freedom. Thor relied on Blake as an escape and ironically Blake has now removed Thor’s way out by snapping his version of Mjolnir in two. Thor has become his own worst enemy.

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