Starfield Screenshot Leak May Be Accidentally Verified By Bethesda Dev

The first leaked Starfield screenshots from earlier this year may have accidentally been confirmed by a logo on a Bethesda developer’s t-shirt.

A supposed leak of Starfield screenshots may have just been verified by the unlikeliest of sources: a t-shirt worn by a Bethesda developer. The screenshots in question leaked in September, offering a brief glimpse at a possible player character, a spaceship design, and the HUD of Starfield. Bethesda has neither confirmed nor denied the validity of the leak to date.

Starfield was announced at E3 2018, and since then, next to nothing has been revealed about the game. The few scraps of information that Bethesda has made public since – like the fact that Starfield will be an exclusively single-player game – have come very recently. At its reveal, Bethesda said that there was still a long wait in store for Starfield, and there are no hints as to when that wait will be over yet. All that’s known on the subject is that Starfield is expected to launch before the long-awaited Elder Scrolls VI.

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That made the potential Starfield screenshot leak this fall even more exciting, as it represented the first look at an otherwise mysterious project from one of the biggest game developers around. While their validity was called into question at the time, it now seems more likely that they were legitimate. That’s thanks to Bethesda managing director Ashley Cheng, who recently appeared in a montage from Develop:Brighton, where Todd Howard was accepting a Develop:Star Award. As spotted by Reddit user Rynderend, Cheng is seen wearing a Starfield shirt with a logo on the sleeve identical to the one shown on the character’s spacesuit in the leaked Starfield screenshot. The matching logos lend credence to the screenshot being real, as it would be quite the coincidence if Bethesda just happened to pick the same design for its Starfield merchandise.

Ashley Cheng Bethesda Starfield Leak

This is pretty low stakes as far as leaks go, as the initial screenshots didn’t give much about Starfield away. They did confirm a new visual direction for the game – which is in line with the fact that Bethesda is debuting a brand new engine for Starfield – but didn’t offer any clues as to how the game will actually play. There’s also the chance that the screenshots were from early enough in development that they hardly resemble the game at this point, but it now seems that they offer at least a snapshot of the game’s development.

While there’s some speculation that Starfield will be released in 2021, there’s still no word from Bethesda on the matter. Either way, it’s likely that more concrete details about the game will start coming to light soon. With two years having passed since Starfield was unveiled and the next-gen platforms that it’ll launch on soon to be in players’ hands, the time is right for Bethesda to really start hyping its next games up, particularly if Microsoft wants to show off what to expect from its latest acquisition.

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Source: Rynderend/Reddit

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