PS5 Pre-Orders Are Completely Sold Out In Japan

Japanese gamers who have not already secured a PlayStation 5 will not be able to get the console on day one, according to a recent Sony blog post.

All PlayStation 5 pre-order allotments in Japan have been snapped up and Sony states the company has temporarily stopped accepting early reservations in the country at this time. With only a week left until the console releases in Japan, and in many other regions like the US, excitement for the next generation of consoles is high. This announcement made by Sony will leave some Japanese gamers without a way to get the PlayStation 5 on day one, however.

Along with this news, Sony once again speaks to another piece of the company’s launch policy that is making headlines. In a tweet posted earlier today, the tech giant revealed that the PlayStation 5 will not be available in stores on November 12 – or November 19 depending on the region – the console’s release day. Citing safety concerns for retail employees and customers, Sony has decided the console will only be available to order online on launch day.

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As reported by noted industry source Nibel on Twitter, Sony announced in an official, Japanese blog post that the region’s pre-orders are completely sold out. It also seems that the company is refusing to take any further PlayStation 5 orders there before launch. In one translated version of the blog, Sony explains it received a large amount of interest in its next generation of consoles before the release and it expects to continue shipping the PlayStation 5 in the future. The post also warns Japanese gamers that there will be no units available in stores on November 12 and urges customers to check back with individual stores for information on the PlayStation 5’s future availability.

This has been a difficult year for gamers trying to reserve first-day units in general, but the PlayStation 5 certainly earned its share of blowback following its first, chaotic wave of pre-orders. Most of the anger was seemingly directed at Sony’s lack of communication as the company had insisted it would notify its customers in advance of the PlayStation 5 becoming available. The company did not live up to this promise as retailers began placing units up on their websites in a piecemeal fashion the day before Sony said the console would be available for pre-order.

It is likely that Japanese gamers who did not secure a pre-order but are still hoping to get the PlayStation 5 will be frustrated by this news. A lot of exciting news is coming out about the console and its launch titles leading up to the release date – like a newly dropped Spider-Man: Miles Morales commercial – and fans unable to get in on the action on day one will be disappointed. Hopefully, Sony will have plenty of units available on and after launch for anyone without a pre-order, but that remains to be seen.

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The PlayStation 5 will be available on November 12 in select countries and globally on November 19.

Source: PlayStation via Nibel/Twitter

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