Miles Morales is Giving Captain America Orders

Miles Morales has developed much as as a hero since his introduction in 2011, so much so that he gives Captain America orders!

Spoilers for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #20 ahead!

Miles Morales, AKA Spider-Man, gives Captain America his marching orders in the latest issue of Miles’ solo title. In Miles Morales: Spider-Man #20, by writer Saladin Ahmed (Magnificient Ms. Marvel), artist Marcelo Ferreira (Morbius) inker Wayne Faucher (Deadpool), and colorist David Curiel (Hellions), fans get to see just how far Miles has progressed as a hero: Captain America trusts his judgment so much he defers to Miles in a crisis situation.

First appearing in 2011, as part of Marvel’s Ultimate Comics line, Miles Morales took over the mantle of Spider-Man after the Peter Parker of his Earth died. In that time, Miles has grown as a character and as a hero, debuting to much fanfare. He was also one of the few characters from the Ultimate line to be integrated into the regular Marvel Universe when it ceased publication; he has distinguished himself there as well. He made the leap into film with 2018’s acclaimed Into the Spider-Verse and is now front and center in Marvel’s Outlawed event, which sees the teen heroes of the Marvel Universe “outlawed” and driven underground. Previous issues of Miles’ solo book have seen him fighting Ultimatum, an evil version of Miles from the future, who has recruited the Ultimate Green Goblin to his cause. This incarnation of the Goblin can create Goblinoids—innocent humans turned into monsters by a drug. And now standing alongside his uncle, The Prowler, Miles must fight a whole hoard of them.

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The two manage to fight their way through the mob of Goblinoids, taking care not to hurt them, as the Goblinoids are actually innocent people. Other heroes join in the fight, Captain America among them. Sensing immediately that Miles knows more about the situation than he does, Cap asks Miles about it, and what their best course of action would be. Miles, understandably shocked Cap asked for his advice, simply says: “we kick butt!”

Marvel fans the world over know that Captain America is one of, if not the leader of the Marvel Universe, so seeing him defer to the judgment of someone much younger than him speaks volumes about Captain America’s character—that he knows when to step back and let people who know more than him handle the situation.

Fans can also see just how much Miles has grown as a character—he has enough confidence in his abilities that Captain America picks up on it and is willing to follow Miles’ lead. And while Miles Morales’ strategy was not the most thought out, he was still able to lead his forces into battle, ultimately defeating the Goblin.

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