Microsoft Teams Makes It Easier To Switch Between Accounts On Desktop

A new feature may be coming to Microsoft Teams that would allow users to switch between multiple accounts within the desktop app.

The Microsoft Teams desktop app could soon have a new feature that would allow users to switch between accounts more easily. It will apparently make it possible for Teams users to add additional accounts to the desktop app and switch between them without logging out of their main account. It seems this potential feature is not the only one that Microsoft is testing out in order to improve user experience, with a customization option also seemingly in the works.

Launched in 2017, Microsoft Teams allows users to host video calls, or meetings, that can include up to 250 people. It also allows users to chat with coworkers, with file-sharing and the ability to add emojis or GIFs into a conversation, as well as the option of mentioning someone to make sure they get a notification. Users can enable apps within Teams to enhance the experience. Available apps include Microsoft Stream, which allows users to share videos, and the Microsoft Planner app, with which users can organize and keep track of tasks. The Teams app is available to download for desktop via Microsoft’s website. It’s also available from the App Store, Google Play, or by visiting

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According to a report from Windows Latest, Microsoft seems to still be testing this new feature out, so it isn’t clear when it might go public. Testers may be set to receive early access sometime soon. General users, meanwhile, may see the feature early next year, if not later this year. Users will apparently be able to link other Teams accounts to the desktop app, while also having the opportunity to change profile pictures for each account, and switch between accounts right from the settings. Additionally, it looks like Microsoft is testing out a feature that will let users create custom pages. For example, making a badge to share with someone using tile, color, or image settings.

Other Features Already Available In Teams

Teams Together video chat

Teams has recently improved its privacy settings. Following an update on October 29th, users now have the ability to turn off message previews that might pop up on their desktop. To do so, they can click on the profile picture, then select ‘Settings’, ‘Notifications’, and ‘Show message preview’, before simply switching off the notifications toggle. Users can also now appear offline without missing out on notifications. In order to appear offline, users just have to go to their profile and select ‘Appear offline’ from the dropdown menu available underneath their profile picture.

Another recent feature is the option to switch from one device to another while in a meeting. For example, if a user starts out on a laptop but needs to switch to a phone, it’s now easy for them to do so. To start, just open up the Teams app on the second device. Tap the Join button, and two options will come up — ‘Add this device’ or ‘Transfer to this device’. Just tap ‘Transfer to this device’, set the audio and video preferences, and then tap ‘Join’ again. All of these new features, including those potentially still being tested, show just how strong a contender Microsoft Teams is among the sea of videoconferencing options.

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