How To Use A Nikon DLSR Camera As A Windows 10 Or macOS Webcam

Nikon has recently released new software that makes it possible for individuals to use its DSLR cameras as a webcam for Windows and macOS.

Nikon DSLR cameras can now be used as webcams. The camera manufacturer has announced the release of its Webcam Utility software, which allows its Z-series and DSLR cameras to be used as webcams via USB when connected to a Windows 10 or a macOS computer. Other camera manufacturers already offer similar functionality.

This year has, of course, seen an increase in teleconferencing and remote calls. The superior image quality from DSLR cameras can be a welcome addition in providing high-quality streams. Currently, Nikon’s Z series cameras, like the Z7, and some other DSLR models, like the D500 and D7500, are the only cameras compatible with the software. Nikon does plan on adding more cameras from their lineup in the future, though. But for now, setting up the current cameras is a straightforward process.

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The most important part is the software. Download Nikon’s Webcam Utility program, which can be found in the Download Center of Nikon’s website. Choose the type of camera: if it’s a DSLR camera, choose Digital SLR cameras, or if it’s a Z-series camera, choose Mirrorless Cameras and then select the Z series sub-category followed by the specific product. Once taken to the product’s page, go to Software and choose Webcam Utility. When the Download page appears, scroll down to the Term and Conditions, click Accept, and then choose the region. Click the Download button to begin the download. If the camera falls under Digital SLR Cameras, the steps to download the software are the same as for the Z series, but no sub-category is chosen.

Setting Up A Nikon Camera

Nikon DSLR mirrorless cameras

Once Webcam Utility has been download, it’s time to set up the camera on a PC or Mac. Connect the Nikon camera to the computer via the USB cable that came included with the camera. If there is an external mic, plug it into the computer’s mic port. Afterward, open one of the following pieces of compatible video conferencing software: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, Google Meet, or Skype. From there, the Nikon camera is ready to be used as a webcam.

That’s all there is to set up a Nikon Z-series or DSLR camera with Webcam Utility. There are optional accessories available, such as tripods, clamps, and constant light sources like small LED light panels. Whether or not those are needed depends on a user’s situation, though. Users will need to set up their own station to fit their needs.

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