How To Keep Every Character Alive in Dark Pictures: Little Hope

Choose carefully in The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope to unlock traits and save all five of the main characters until the end of the game.

Developed by Supermassive Games and published by Bandai Namco, Dark Pictures: Little Hope gives players the opportunity to control a group of flawed characters that are battling their literal and metaphorical demons. Similar to other story-based horror games, most of the action consists of quick-time events and cutscenes, occasionally accompanied by dialogue options. Caught in a town that has been in a decades-long struggle between good and evil, a professor and his students will have to work against their natures to unravel their connection to Little Hope and its past residents.

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There are a number of characters that players will meet along their way to solve the mystery of Little Hope that players will have to control. Determine what actions they will take or what they will say in order to move the plot along, but some of the actions they take will have consequences. What helps the most is that characters will have to make good or heroic decisions in order to protect everyone in the group and keep them alive. Follow the guide below to keep every player alive until the end of the game. 

Traits in Dark Pictures: Little Hope

Each character will start the game with two traits, and each one is either a “head” or “heart” trait. The player will need to choose between these options while making a decision on behalf of the character. The character’s starting traits are listed below: 

  • Angela: Abrasive, Understanding
  • Daniel: Amiable, Defensive
  • Andrew: Anxious, Detached
  • Taylor: Headstrong, Sensitive
  • John: Rational, Overbearing

Making dialogue choices or actions based on these traits can help a character unlock negative traits that may be their ultimate downfall. At the end of the game, the characters will be judged by how many locked negative traits they have, and they can die at the hands of their demons as a result. Unlocking negative traits that a character might have and avoiding new negative traits is the best strategy a player can use to keep a character alive. 

Decisions in Dark Picture: Little Hope

Dark Pictures Little Hope Dialogue Options

A good way to make progress unlocking traits and avoid new negative ones is through dialogue. Make sure that a character is being cooperative with others as much as possible, and keep their traits in mind when making decisions for them. For instance, John shouldn’t take Vince up on his offer for a drink at the beginning of the game, as that quickly gives him a locked trait. 

Bigger decisions will be recorded in a character’s Bearings, giving players an idea of what they will need to counteract. 

Quick-Time Events in Dark Pictures: Little Hope

Dark Pictures Little Hope Rescue

During the story, players will have to complete Quick Time Events, or QTE’s. While many of the QTE’s at the beginning of the game won’t have a big effect on the plot, each character will have a QTE that will decide whether they live or die. If a player takes too long, it will create a negative result. Most of these QTE’s will have a selfish option or an option that helps them face their fears and help the others. The “correct” QTE options are listed below:


  • When Angela and John face her demon outside of the house, she will have the option to either stand by John during the fight or run away. Choosing the “Reassuring- Please Hurry!” option will save her and help her break her locked trait. 


  • During the same fight as Angela’s QTE, John has the option to help her or run away when she is ensnared by the demon. Choose help to save her and help John unlock some negative traits. Later, when John is being attacked by his demon and the rest of the characters come to help him, make sure to choose the QTE option that has him stay and hold the door. 


  • Inside the textile mill, Daniel has fallen and has grabbed a pipe that Andrew is trying to use to pull him up. Choose the reassuring option to let go of the pipe and fall, letting the others run to safety. Later, when Daniel and Taylor are separated, Daniel will need to use sound to locate her and help her fight the demon that has caught her. Continue to help her to make Daniel survive to the end.  


  • During the Low Point chapter, Andrew will be faced with the decision to help Taylor or Daniel when they are attacked by Demons. Help Taylor, as Daniel can take care of himself. During Daniel’s heroic QTE in the textile mill, Andrew should also offer to help him climb back up using the pipe while Daniel is being attacked by his demon. 


  • In the Reflections chapter, Taylor will be attacked after her flashback. Daniel will come to help her, and Taylor can either beg for help, or tell Daniel to save himself. Tell Daniel to save himself to increase Taylor and Daniel’s chance of survival. 

Weapons in Dark Pictures: Little Hope

Characters can pick up weapons throughout the game, but these weapons won’t actually affect the plot. While it will give a character the opportunity to fight back against a demon, it won’t necessarily give them a better chance at survival. Also, if a player picks up the gun and uses some of its bullets, it could cause a negative result at the end. 

If all of these QTE’s are completed and a character’s negative traits have been unlocked, players will be able to keep all five of the main characters in Dark Pictures: Little Hope alive. 

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is available now on Xbox One, Play Station 4, and PC.

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