How the Show Encouraged Clare & Dale To Leave Early

Clare Crawley left with Dale during Thursday night’s episode of The Bachelorette. How much of it was planned by producers ahead of time?

Clare Crawley was so smitten by Dale Moss the instant she stepped out of the limousine that she just couldn’t go through with the whole process, no matter how hard she tried. That’s what the show wants us to believe, but is it true?

During a week that has been anything but normal, The Bachelorette is throwing another wrench into the mix on its Thursday night episode. Clare and Dale will run off together, and Tayshia Adams will be the new lead, picking up where Clare left off. The show will have us believe that it was Clare’s decision to spend as much time with Dale as possible. Whenever she was upset, Dale would be the first to greet her. She would cancel the day part of dates because she didn’t want to spend extra time with the men who weren’t named Dale. Clare took the heat from fans, who felt like she was failing in her role and not playing by the rules. As is always the case, though, the decisions aren’t all the leads.

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Tayshia was apparently at the resort around night one. This could mean that she was prepped just in case Clare contracted coronavirus. More likely, the producers were aware that Clare had stalked the men on social media — possibly spoken to them, but she insists she didn’t. When she met Dale, the producers must have started considering what a season would look like if she departed mid-season with her man, if they hadn’t already planned this possibility.

As Clare’s feelings for Dale grew stronger, the producers didn’t lean away from the romance. They floored the gas. They allowed Clare to cancel a portion of a group date, invited Dale on a group date he wasn’t supposed to be at, gave him and Clare ample time together during a group date and then urged her to only spend a short amount of time with the rest of the guys. When Clare was crying after the Yosef blow-up, they sent in Dale to take care of her. And they brought former Bachelorette DeAnna Stagliano to talk to Clare and give her advice. She didn’t tell her to trust the process. She said, “When you know, you know.”

No one held Clare back and suggested she consider all possibilities, to see this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity she has from all angles. There have been Bachelorettes in the past who potentially would have jumped at the possibility to leave early with the man they clearly had eyes on. Clare was the first to not only have been given permission, but to have been given an entirely different set of rules. She followed them exactly the way the show wanted, and now we’re glued to our televisions for an unprecedented season, which is what Chris Harrison is aiming for.

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