How Much Halo Combat Evolved Skins Would Cost On Infinite’s Model

The price of what Halo: Combat Evolved’s skins would have cost on Halo: Infinite’s pricing model really puts into perspective how bad it is for fans.

The upcoming title in the Halo series, Halo Infinite, is a game wrapped heavily in controversy. Halo Infinite was originally planned to be an Xbox Series X launch title, but has been since been pushed back to 2021 with no official release date. Between lackluster previews and extensive delays, fans have plenty to be frustrated about with this game. The worst thing that’s been revealed about the game involves customizable player skins.

Alternate skins have been a staple in the Halo series since the first game in the franchise, Halo: Combat Evolved. Originally, these skins were just different color variants for Master Chief’s suit. They were nothing more than a cosmetic change to the game’s main character for online purposes. But as the series progressed, the alternate skins became more expansive. Eventually, alternate visor, weapon, and vehicle colors were all introduced to Halo as well. Some of these alternate skins could only be unlocked through achievements, giving the completionists and achievement hunters a little extra something to play for.

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Halo Infinite has gone and expanded the series’ alternate skin system even further. The game removes the traditional alternate color skins with a new coating system that uses pre-designed armor plating for character skins and vehicle and weapon customization. The coating system will feature seven channels through which Halo Infinite players can customize color, patterns, and materials for their character. The added layers are meant to allow players greater customization options, but in reality, it’s just a means for developer 343 Industries to make more money. Some armor coatings in Halo Infinite will be available through gameplay and special rewards, but others will have to be purchased. A promotion for Halo Infinite revealed that some armor coatings will cost upwards of $5 each.

Skins in Halo Combat Evolved Would’ve Cost $90 Total

Halo Combat Evolved

Being forced to pay for skins is a major shift for the Halo series and one fans aren’t too happy about. Unlocking customizable skins were a treat for a lot of players, but 343 Industries has taken some of that thrill out of the game. For the sake of perspective, Reddit user u/Jarvis_The_Dense calculated how much players would’ve had to spend in order to unlock all of the skins in Halo: Combat Evolved based on Halo Infinite’s price model. In total, players would’ve had to spend $90 to unlock every skin that was available in the original game. If this pricing model had been introduced in the original Halo, it’s safe to assume it might not have been seen as the generation defining hit many view it as.

The $90 price tag is eyebrow-raising, especially considering how few skin options there were in Halo: Combat Evolved. With Halo Infinite introducing a seven-layer armor system, there will be a lot more pieces of armor players will have to unlock. This means players will probably have to spend more than the estimated $90 players would’ve had to spend on skins in the original Halo game if they want to unlock every customization option the game offers. Halo Infinite will be releasing on a next-gen console and the game itself will likely cost more than the usual $60 games of this current generation. With how much extra cost fans will have to put into purchasing Halo Infinite, paying an additional price won’t make Halo fans happy.

This new armor system is just another in a long list of concerns revolving around Halo Infinite. The game looks dated compared to other next-gen titles and still lacks an official release date. Halo fans who aren’t nervous about this title yet should begin having second thoughts.

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