How Bad PS5’s Form Factor & Design Actually Is

The design of the PlayStation 5 has gotten a lot of attention this year – and not all of it has been good. But how bad is the PS5’s design, really?

The PlayStation 5 is releasing in about a week, and new information regarding its form factor and design continues to surface. The PS5’s design has gotten a lot of attention this year, with more than a few people mocking it on social media. From its enormous size to its resemblance of a Wi-Fi router, all kinds of complaints have been hurled the PS5’s way. But how bad are the PlayStation 5’s design and form factor, really?

The PS5 is a powerhouse of a machine, which is part of the reason it’s so huge. The console is flanked by plastic plates, which are flimsy and stick out awkwardly. Sony’s gotten recent attention for its threats of legal action against a custom faceplate seller, but it’s still unclear if Sony is releasing official custom faceplates themselves. Either way, PS5 owners may just have to deal with the flimsy plastic plates for a while.

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The plastic base that’s included with the PlayStation 5 isn’t much better. The base is required for both vertical and horizontal positioning, because the PS5 can’t lay flat on its own thanks to the console’s form factor. The weird shape means the base has to be used, and it will need to be fastened with a screw (also included) in order to stand vertically. However, the base can just be snapped in if the console is going to be placed horizontally.

Will The PS5’s Design Ever Change?

ps5 design and form factor

While the PlayStation 5 is shaped strangely, it’s also huge. It’s the largest modern console, which has made plenty of people question where exactly they’re going to keep the console in their home. The size of the PS5 is most likely due to the amount of tech inside, as well as a large cooling fan to keep the machine running smoothly.

While the form factor and design choices of the PS5 are questionable, this leads to another big question: will the PlayStation 5 get redesigned in the future? The answer is yes, it probably will. The console is just so large and awkwardly shaped that a redesign seems almost certain. Whenever Slim or Pro models of the PS5 inevitably release in the future, there’s a very good chance those consoles will look different from the current PS5 model.

The odd shape and design of the PS5 may be a small price to pay for incredibly fast loading times and cutting edge graphics. For many PlayStation fans, the console’s form factor is probably more of a quirk than a dealbreaker. The PlayStation 5 is set to release in the U.S. on November 12th.

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