Gwen Stefani Wants Prenuptial Agreement with Blake Shelton

People with “all the money in the world,” such as Gwen Stefani, have to be careful about their choices. That’s why Gwen reportedly wants a prenup.

Prior to Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s engagement, the two famous The Voice coaches discussed a prenuptial agreement. Gwen reportedly introduced the idea of a prenup to avoid the same issue she experienced with her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale. 

Gwen Stefani was married to Gavin Rossdale from 2002 to 2015. During their 13 years of marriage, Gwen experienced a ton of financial success. She racked up cash from her No Doubt music group, her fashion label, numerous reality TV appearances, and solo albums, including The Sweet Escape and Love. Angel. Music. Baby. When Stefani originally married Rossdale, she didn’t anticipate the immense changes that would happen in her life. Therefore, she didn’t think to prepare a prenuptial agreement. Things weren’t exactly a fairytale for the rock ‘n roll couple. Gavin and Gwen originally met in 1995 and enjoyed a party in New Orleans shortly after meeting. Following their marriage in 2002, it was discovered that Rossdale was a father to a 14-year old model named Daisy Lowe. The mother of Daisy is Pearl Lowe, a singer, and fashion designer. The ultimate demise of Stefani and Rossdale’s relationship was the result of Gavin allegedly being caught cheating with the couple’s nanny, Mindy Mann. When Gwen and Gavin split, Gwen’s net worth was about triple Gavin’s. Gwen ended up paying Gavin a settlement, which was much lower than the 50% law in California. Now, she is believed to be planning on a prenuptial agreement with her new fiancé, Blake Shelton. Gwen fell for Blake while he was healing from his divorce and she was healing from hers.

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For several months, Gwen and Blake have been discussing marriage. Rumors of The Voice coaches’ engagement and future wedding circulated for a long time. So, long, in fact, that people began to suspect that they were on the brink of breaking up. Now, it’s assumed that the delay in their engagement was due to prenuptial agreement discussions. According to Yahoo, a source said, “They have been in prenup talks for a few months. The process has been extremely effortless, no hiccups, or outrageous demands. She just can’t afford to not have it with Blake.

Today, Gwen’s net worth is estimated to be $150 million. This amount is absolutely impressive, and also understandable, in light of her 34 years in the music industry and lucrative sidelines in other niches. Blake’s net worth is estimated to be $100 million, which is very substantial. Also a successful musician, Blake Shelton has boosted his significant fortune during his time on The Voice

Gwen has three sons, Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma, and a successful career. It makes sense that she wants to protect her kids (and preserve her hard-earned money) through a prenup. Even though Gwen is worth more than Blake, he apparently isn’t opposed to the idea of the agreement, given his own sizable wealth. The reality is that people with “all the money in the world” have to be careful with the choices they make. This cute The Voice couple is definitely being smart about money and their second marriages.

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