Godfall Won’t Be A PS5 Console Exclusive For Long

PlayStation 5 title Godfall will only be exclusive for six months, according to a newly-released launch trailer indicating a May 12 expiration date.

Playstation 5‘s exclusivity to upcoming action RPG Godfall, now has an expiration date. The upcoming title, set to release November 12 alongside the PlayStation 5, will only be a PlayStation exclusive for the next six months, according to the latest trailer.

Godfall was the first title announced for the PlayStation 5 last December and is coined as a looter-slasher thanks to its focus on melee combat and loot collecting. Weapons and items play a pivotal role in gameplay, with previously-released trailers not-so-subtly hinting that players will need to seek out bigger and stronger weapons in order to advance in the massive, high-fantasy world. While the game generated a certain degree of discontent around its status as online-only, anticipation around the title remains high, especially considering, in a merciful break from prevailing trends, Godfall will not include microtransactions.

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Godfall was billed from the beginning as a PlayStation-exclusive title, although it will also be available on PC via Epic Games. Players who want to pick up the game through Steam will have to wait at least a year, but that was initially the only deviation from PlayStation’s exclusivity. However, a newly-released launch trailer via PlayStation‘s channel seems to indicate that exclusivity is only going to last until at least May 12. 2021, six months after release. The card at the trailer’s end gives the usual bit about the game’s status as a PlayStation exclusive, but an asterisk leads down to a blurb of fine print at the bottom, “Not available on other consoles until at least 5/12/2021.”

However, Xbox Series X/S players shouldn’t be rejoicing just yet at an opportunity to dip its toes into Sony’s pool of exclusive titles. The fact that the title is only PlayStation exclusive at least until May 12 doesn’t automatically mean that an Xbox incarnation is in development or on its way, although the list of consoles that can run the hefty game is admittedly only two items long. Additionally, May 12th is simply the earliest that a release on a competing console can happen – it could be months or even years after May 12th for a release. But what makes the revelation interesting is that PlayStation 5 didn’t have a hefty batch of exclusives, to begin with, so the fact that one of its heavyweight titles will only be exclusive for six months raises a few questions.

Publisher Gearbox and developer Counterplay Games are remaining tight-lipped about what will happen with Godfall‘s relationship to PlayStation 5 after May 12th. In the meantime, Sony will continue to flaunt the upcoming title, alongside the equally anticipated exclusive Demon’s Souls remake, for when the PlayStation 5 launches on November 12.

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