Clare & Dale Are Still Together (& Here’s the Evidence)

We all knew that Clare Crawley and Dale Moss would get engaged. Now we know they are still together. Soooo… when is this wedding happening?

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss hadn’t been posting any pictures together. They haven’t been giving away any clues that they are an item. Clare was recently spotted with an engagement ring, but aside from that, do we know for sure if they’re still together?

On Thursday’s episode of The Bachelorette, Dale proposed to Clare. It was a moment that was the worst kept secret on the show. The show knew this, and the editing hardly made this a secret. Clare spoke almost solely about Dale. He was everywhere, at every turn, on almost every date. Clare said the word Dale more than she said “journey,” which should have been a dead giveaway. Thursday’s episode was more a coronation, a final note in the part of the season that hasn’t yet been spoiled (although there are some spoilers out there for Tayshia’s portion of the season.) Clare and Dale seemed to be infatuated with one another. There wasn’t much footage of their conversations outside of making out and being really, super into each other. It’s possible this could have simply been a fling, but it has turned into more.

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Are Clare and Dale engaged? The answer is yes. Dale Moss posted on Instagram immediately after the special moment, “Never a point I won’t show up for you @clarecrawley.” For good measure, he added an enagement ring emoji, to leave little doubt he is still her fiancé. Clare also posted on Instagram, with the caption, “It’s official!! Love wins!!!! 💍❤️!!! I love you @dalemoss13!!!!

There was never a doubt they would wind up together. The engagement provided for a happy moment amidst a crazy week in the country. And even though Clare’s untimely departure left some chaos behind, Tayshia Adams figures to be a strong lead to take her place. Clare and Dale, who will likely do the press circuit on Friday morning to dish on when they’re moving in together, when the wedding will be (hopefully, after coronavirus) and how many kids they want to have together.

The engagement of Clare and Dale was a nice reprieve for Bachelor Nation, and it is a relief to know they are still together. Could you imagine if Clare had gone through all that for it to not work out? Whether or not this storyline was aided by production or if it happened organically, this made for an unprecedented television moment that will certainly live on in the history books of the show.

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