Clare Crawley Spotted With Huge Engagement Ring

The Bachelorette’s Clare Crawley was spotted with a huge engagement ring in her hometown of Sacramento, sparking rumors she ends up with Dale Moss.

Clare Crawley has taken The Bachelorette franchise on a wild ride this season, and now the 39-year-old hairstylist has just been spotted with a huge engagement ring. Season 16 of the show has been a constant source of drama even before filming. Production for the show was up in the air until it landed a spot at a resort in Palm Springs, but that was the least of the show’s drama. Crawley soon became the topic of conversation when it was leaked that she quit filming 12 days after starting in order to pursue a relationship with contestant Dale Moss.  

Fast forward to the premiere and each episode after, and Bachelor Nation has been in a whirlwind with the unprecedented unravelling of Crawley’s relationship with Moss. The other suitors have quickly picked up on her clear connection to the former football player, leading to upset among the remaining men. On the latest episode, Crawley and Moss had ample time alone together during the group date, and later Crawley was heard saying she would rather be with Moss than on her current one-on-one with Zach J. Although he was ultimately sent home after an awkward kiss gone awry, plenty of the guys remaining are beginning to question their place on the show. In addition, rumours swirling around whether or not Crawley ends up with Moss have surfaced, cementing this season’s place as being the most dramatic one yet.

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Now it looks like another clue to the never-ending Crawley-Moss saga has surfaced, as she was recently seen wearing a giant wedding ring while shopping in her hometown of Sacramento. According to photos obtained by ET, Crawley is sporting a rather large engagement-type ring that is different from the one fans spotted a few weeks prior. Earlier, eagle-eyed fans questioned a ring she was wearing, but the California native quickly cleared up the rumours saying the ring was just a promise ring and a symbol of “a commitment to myself.”

While this ring is wildly different from its predecessor, it is still unknown whether or not this means Crawley and Moss are officially together. It’s no secret their speedy relationship caught everyone by surprise, including long-time host Chris Harrison, who revealed his thoughts on the unfolding situation, “I think our first thought was, ‘Well, this will continue on and it’ll ebb and flow like normal seasons,’ but when we realized there was only ebb and no flow, we thought, ‘We need to look at what we are gonna have to do.’”  

With the promo for the next episode revealing Tayshia Adams’ long-awaited entrance to the series, and tensions coming to head in the form of unrest among the guys, Bachelor Nation is sure to get an answer sooner rather than later. In the meantime, fans will have to decipher if this massive addition to Clare’s hand means an end to the whiplash that is season 16 of The Bachelorette

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Source: ET

The Bachelorette: Why Bachelor Nation Has Doubts About Clare’s Season

Updated: November 6, 2020 — 1:25 am

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