Bachelorette Fans Want To Protect Bennett At All Costs–Here’s The Best Twitter Reactions

With his one of a kind speeches, his resemblance to so many TV and movie characters, and a fascinating beauty regime, Bennett is a fan favorite.

Social media site has been set alight by Bachelor Nation being absolutely infatuated with Harvard graduate, Bennett.

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With his one of a kind speeches, his resemblance to so many TV and movie characters, and a fascinating beauty regime, Bennett seemed to add optimism and soul to this season of The Bachelorette, something that has been largely missing from the bachelorette herself.

14 Resemblance To Clark Kent

Though he has become best known for his highbrow remarks of the other guys and constant reminders that he went to Harvard, a lot of people are posting about how much he resembles Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent.

The likability is inarguable, but the glasses still remain a thinly veiled disguise.

13 His Beauty Regime

It’s a good job that it wasn’t Bennett who was chosen to go on the spa date with Clare, as Zach J caught himself in a lot of controversies and Chris and Clare were right to send him packing.

And though Bennett has a great beauty regime of his own, fans are mad at Clare for not picking him for the date.

12 2020 Mood

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a disastrous and stressful year for almost every single person in the world. Between politics dividing people more than ever, forest fires, and worldwide pandemics, it hard to get a moment of time to yourself.

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But in the middle of this archaic-like mess, only Bennett can lead the way forward, as the now-iconic image of him wearing a face mask has become people’s aspiration.

11 Sliding Into DMs

As is the norm on apps like Tinder, Instagram, Facebook, et al., when somebody finds another user attractive, they’ll naturally slide into their DMs.

However, Bennett isn’t like other guys, and with his Harvard education and eloquent vernacular, he would totally slide into LinkindIn DMs.

10 The Roast

One of the revelatory moments when Bachelor Nation realized that Bennett is the hero of Clare’s season was when he gave a speech at The Bachelorette Roast, as he totally knocked it out of the park.

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Some of his best jokes included that Dale is only there because he’s trying to campaign for president and that three cameramen collapsed from falling asleep after listening to him.

9 The Same Picture

With Bennett’s similar appearance to Clark Kent, with his jawline, jet black hair, and thick-framed glasses, the infamous The Office meme strikes again.

Now Bennett is no longer a part of The Bachelorette, his campaign to replace Henry Cavill in the DC Cinematic Universe starts now.

8 The Mic Drop

Right before the fight with Yosef, which led to some hilarious reactions, Bennett was the MVP of The Bachelorette Roast, and he knew it as he dropped the mic at the end of his speech.

It could also be argued that Bennett’s jokes were the catalyst for Clare leaving the show early.

7 Missing The Spa

As Bennett’s no stranger to mystery green juice and a face mask or two, it might not have been just the fans who were outraged that Clare didn’t pick him for the spa date.

Though it isn’t exactly Bennett’s character to be angry and violent, this meme of The Shining hilariously represents how Bennett might be feeling.

6 The Many Faces Of Bennett

Bennett was quick to steal the show, not just because of his fantastic speeches and strange run, but because of his mannerisms and infinite facial expressions.

Since the first episode of the season, Twitter accounts have been increasingly turned in to Bennett fan pages, and for good reason.

5 That Run

During a group date in which Clare had the boys go to their rooms to collect something personal to them, and then present as a gift to her, they all ran back to their apartments.

And in true Bennett form, he produced a meme that will live on forever, and though it looks perfectly captured here, it was the strangest run ever seen.

4 Man Of The People

As 2020 is finally drawing to a close, there hasn’t been any kind of savior in sight.

Bennett doesn’t exactly represent the working class, or even the middle class, of people in America, as he comes from a wealthy background and attended an Ivy League college, but he has somehow found himself as a leader of sorts. Well, on Twitter, at least.

3 His One To One With Clare

After the amazing speech during The Bachelorette Roast, Clare spent the whole time during their one-to-one time interrogating him, which is one of the reasons why Clare is the villain of her own season.

Instead of wanting to argue, Bennett classily tried to change the subject, but Clare wouldn’t let him.

2 The Roast’s Reception

The guys haven’t been saying very nice things about Clare, but the one thing for sure is that even they love Bennett.

Though not every guy got a laugh during their speeches, Bennett turned the other contestants into hyenas, especially when any joke involved Dale (which just happened to be most of them.)

1 Dale The Snake

One of the funniest jokes in Bennett’s roast of dale was that he looks like Kaa the snake from Jungle Book, and Twitter was quick to fashion up a side by side comparison, with the vast majority agreeing with the Harvard alum.

However, it seems to be that Dale is the reason Clare’s leaving the show, but her ex-fiancé claims that she was forced off.

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