Apex Legends Season 7 Battle Pass Is The Game’s Slowest Grind

According to Apex Legends players, progressing through Season 7 happens at a significantly slower pace than usual, turning the game into a grind.

It appears that Battle Pass progression in Apex Legends Season 7 is happening at a significantly slower pace than in previous seasons, which makes the current grind for the highest rewards the most painful one in the game’s history. The situation does cast a shadow upon the otherwise exciting new season, which adds tons of content including a brand new playable map called Olympus.

A couple of days prior to the anticipated launch of Apex Legends Season 7, Respawn shared an exciting gameplay trailer of the new Olympus map, which is a high-tech city located on a floating island high above the planet’s surface. The new location differs considerably from existing maps, mainly due to its elaborate design, vivid colors, and clear emphasis on verticality. According to developers, Olympus was initially a Titanfall 3 work-in-progress campaign level, which was later shelved and eventually resurrected as an Apex Legends map.

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According to Apex Legends player GrubbyLilPaws on Reddit, performing usual activities in Season 7 results in a much slower progression through Battle Pass levels. As detailed in the post, the player successfully completed all the five daily challenges, earned 20,000 experience points, reached the top 5 three times, and won a single match scoring eight kills. That’s an impressive set of accomplishments and would seemingly result in getting at least a few Battle Pass levels covered. Instead, GrubbyLilPaws only hit level two, which clearly makes the current season the game’s slowest grind. According to the comment section on Reddit, casually playing for roughly three hours in a row does not guarantee even a single Battle Pass level. Considering that there are 88 days left to hit level 110, gamers will need to grind for many hours daily in order to complete the whole run, which puts all but the most hardcore of players at a sever disadvantage.

Although the current season is already the center of controversy and drama, Respawn has roughly planned content additions to the game for as far as up to Season 12, including concepts of new Legends. Interestingly, Respawn is working on plans to go beyond the core battle royale genre with future updates, which might introduce new ways to play the game. With a rich roster of diverse characters endowed with unique abilities, Apex Legends might serve as a platform for a potential Arena or even a MOBA-inspired gameplay mode.

The exhaustingly slow progression in Apex Legends Season 7 is most likely caused by the desire to encourage spending on direct purchases of Battle Pass levels that can be acquired with Apex Coins premium currency. The question is who exactly stands behind this controversial decision – the team at Respawn, or the publisher EA. Given just how much slower the grind seems to be this season, it’s quite possible that fan backlash might force developers to roll the painful Season Pass grind back.

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Apex Legends is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Origin and Steam.

Source: GrubbyLilPaws/Reddit

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