5 Characters Who Had No Impact (& 5 Who Had Too Much Influence)

Lorelei and Rory may be the stars of Gilmore Girls, but Stars Hollow is full of other characters, some insignificant, some who overstay their welcome.

It’s hard not to fall in love with Rory and Lorelai on Gilmore Girls, as they talk a mile a minute (or a second), know a ton about pop culture, and are generally in cheerful moods. They’re smart and  even though these two are the major characters, there are many others who call Stars Hollow home and who fans find memorable… for better and for worse.

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While some of the people who Rory and Lorelai know don’t seem necessary, other minor players were given too much screentime and seem to matter too much to the overall story.

10 No Impact: Caesar

Rory and Caesar in Gilmore Girls

Caesar works with Luke at the diner and is the cook in the background of some scenes. It would be great if Caesar was given more screentime and also more of a purpose for being on the show, but unfortunately, he doesn’t get much of a story.

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Luke becomes more flawed as the series goes on, as he should really treat Caesar better, giving him a great promotion or at least listening to him more.

9 Too Much Influence: Taylor Doose

Stars Hollow selectman and owner of Doose’s Market, Taylor is a huge player on Gilmore Girls and it’s hard not to find him frustrating.

8 No Impact: Brian Fuller

gilmore girls zack, brian and lane

Brian is part of Lane’s band, and while she marries Zack, thus giving him an important role on the show, it’s hard to say the same thing of Brian. He’s a bit nerdy and quiet, and he doesn’t have a memorable personality. But it makes sense that this character would be lackluster since most of Lane’s storylines revolved around her strict mother.

7 Too Much Influence: Kirk Gleason

Kirk in Gilmore Girls

Kirk may be a favorite for some Gilmore Girls fans but for others, he’s pretty insufferable.

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Kirk goes down different career paths and while that provides some laughs, he’s ultimately too close to his mother, which is a bit creepy and strange. Kirk has too much influence on the show and it would make sense if he was in fewer episodes.

6 No Impact: Alex Lesman

gilmore girls alex and lorelai

Alex may be one of Lorelai’s love interests, but does anyone really remember him?

The two date in the third season after Lorelai meets him at a business class. Since he and Sookie once knew each other, that gives Lorelai a chance to get to know him and they date for a bit. But ultimately, Alex is not one of her best partners, and they don’t last very long.

5 Too Much Influence: T.J.

Liz’s partner, T.J., has too much influence on the show as he’s not a likeable guy.

T.J. spends more time frowning and talking loudly than listening to Liz or Luke. He claims to be handy but seems to get into trouble whenever he tries to do anything, and he’s just not very smart. It’s also pretty obvious that Luke doesn’t enjoy hanging out with him, but T.J. is the kind of person who just can’t take a hint, and every scene with the two of them is awkward.

4 No Impact: Lindsay Lister

Gilmore Girls Lindsay and Mother

Did Dean really need to get married? It would have been enough drama for him and Rory to simply break up since she falls for Jess while they’re still dating.

Unfortunately, Dean and Lindsay wed, and it’s safe to say that she really has no impact on the show. She seems high-strung and upset all the time and doesn’t seem to like Dean very much. On his end, he seems to be going through the motions.

3 Too Much Influence: Mitchum Huntzberger

Gilmore Girls Mitchum Huntzberger

Mitchum ruins Rory’s reporter dreams although, as fans who watched the Netflix revival A Year In The Life know, she does become a writer (even if she has the ups and downs that everyone has in their chosen field).

Mitchum is given too much screentime and too much influence over Rory’s life. Many fans are still confused that Rory takes him so seriously when he says she’s not going to be a good journalist. Since when does she listen to a random person, especially someone who comes from a hyperprivileged background that brings its own problems and biases?

2 No Impact: Morey Dell

Babette is a lovely character, but her husband Morey isn’t given enough screentime to be an important character on the show.

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Many fans think highly of Stars Hollow because it seems like a pleasant place to live and it’s full of awesome people like Morey. He’s quiet, kind, and a great partner to Babette. He’s also a musician, which is very cool. It would have been great to see more from this character.

1 Too Much Influence: Liz Danes

Luke’s sister Liz isn’t a great mom to Jess, and it’s hard to support her once that becomes clear.

Liz is given too much influence on the show as not even Luke seems to want to spend that much time with her. She and T.J. are constantly intruding on him and asking too much of him, and they should realize that he has his own things going on. Liz is immature and needs to take a more careful look at herself and what kind of person she wants to be.

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