10 More Things About Kevin Malone That Make No Sense

The Office’s Kevin Malone will forever be one of the most hilarious characters on TV, but some things about him still don’t make sense.

It would be impossible to talk about some of the best shows around without mentioning the masterpiece that is The Office. While NBC might’ve tried its very best to try and downplay the popularity of this show, the fact of the matter is that The Office was still one of the most popular shows on their platform and is still one of the most frequently-watched shows on streaming services, which is a testament to its enduring quality.

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The characters of The Office are the beating heart of the series, and one person in this regard who always ends up eliciting a chuckle from viewers with every line he utters is none other than Kevin Malone. This gluttonous accountant is easily one of the more memorable characters on the show… but he’s not without his faults.

10 It’s A Miracle That He Managed To Keep His Job For So Long

Kevin Malone in The Office with cash

Kevin is consistently shown to be completely inept at his job, making errors on a regular basis and costing the company a ton of money. So the fact that he even managed to keep his job for so long is a miracle. He should’ve been fired a long, long time ago.

9 The Office Shouldn’t Really Have Been Surprised By The Announcement Of His Firing

Dwight fires Kevin in The Office finale

After Dwight finally reveals that Kevin would be fired along with Toby, the entire office is flabbergasted and somewhat outraged… for Kevin’s sake, not for Toby.

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That being said, how can anyone contest this decision? Kevin was known to be a bad worker, so people should’ve surmised that his days at the office were numbered.

8 He Did Show A Knack For Numbers When Paired With Food, But That Was Forgotten Rather Quickly

However, one can’t deny the fact that Kevin was actually somewhat smart, and the fact that he could do calculations with relative ease — albeit only when pies were involved — should’ve done something for him, at the very least.

Instead, his proficiency with food-related mathematics is completely forgotten, and he’s kicked to the curb the moment Dwight becomes the Regional Manager.

7 He’s Quite Talented For Someone Who’s Supposed To Be Incredibly Stupid

The Office

In fact, one has to admit that Kevin was secretly quite talented, even though the show tries its hardest to make him look like the stupidest person in the office.

He was a really good chef, was a World Series Poker Champion, could do mental maths quite fast (provided that the subject involved pies), and could also play the drums! Most people don’t even have half the skills that Kevin has, and that’s not even addressing the next point on this list.

6 It’s Never Clarified As To Whether He Was Embezzling Company Funds Or Not

Brian Baumgartner in The Office Season 4

For someone who was supposed to be stupid, it’s strongly hinted that all of Kevin’s “errors” were just a ruse to help him embezzle funds from the company under the guise of him being expected to cause such errors in the first place.

This is certainly quite weird, especially since he was fired for being a bad worker, and not for the aforementioned accusations of embezzling funds. It seems that any confirmation about this particular statement will never come to light.

5 His Gambling Addiction Should’ve Crippled His Finances A Long Time Ago

Even though Kevin was a World Series Poker Champion, it has been clearly mentioned that he had a massive gambling problem and was losing a ton of funds in the process.

While the aforementioned embezzlement might’ve been a way for him to fork up the money he owed, no one has any idea as to how much money he’d actually lost as a gambler.

4 How He Managed To Fork Out The Money To Own A Bar Will Remain A Mystery

The fact that Kevin was a serial gambler who lost a ton of money but was still able to buy a bar after being fired speaks volumes when it comes to The Office‘s inconsistency in writing his character.

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Sure, owning a bar ensures a happy ending for Kevin… but has anyone even questioned how he managed to get the funds to buy this place, to begin with?

3 His Insistence On Being Treated Like A Child By Angela And Oscar Is Quite… Weird

Kevin does tend to act rather stupid at times, but there’s an episode in the final season when he straight up becomes a child after finding out that Oscar and Angela were paying more attention to Philip than to him.

The fact that he pretty much devolved into an infant in this particular episode is quite weird indeed, even though it might’ve been a good excuse to fit some unique comedic moments into the mix.

2 He Eats Pretty Much Everything, Which Should’ve Led To Major Health Problems

Brian Baumgartner as Kevin Malone in The Office eating Broccoli

Kevin has been shown time and time again to eat pretty much everything that touches his mouth, including glitter!

It goes without saying that having such a lackadaisical and greedy attitude when it came to food would’ve definitely caused some severe gastrointestinal problems for Kevin further down the line… but instead, he ends up being completely fine without any major health issues throughout the series.

1 It’s Weird That His Eating Cycles Ended Up Matching With A Pregnant Pam

While this might’ve been quite a funny moment indeed, it was certainly odd to see Pam eating her lunches with Kevin, and no one else. Pam might be hogging a bit during her pregnancy… but surely that’s still not enough to match Kevin’s enormous appetite?

The fact that they “just” had second breakfast, lunch, second lunch, and first dinner together — according to Kevin — is a testament to just how much of a hog Kevin really is, and it’s hard to believe that even a pregnant Pam would be in sync with such a glutton.

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