10 Best Season 8 Episodes, According To IMDb

Family Guy’s hilarity continued to ensue with Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, Stewie, and Brian during season 8, with hilarious episodes delivered on point.

Family Guy may have had the unfortunate mishap of being canceled after season 3, but by the time the animated-comedy had reached season 8, there was hardly any doubt that it was the right choice to bring back the raunchy cartoon about the Griffin family.

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The hilarity continued to ensue with Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, Stewie, and Brian as the Griffins got into more and more hijinks and did more and more spoof episodes. That’s what Family Guy has always been about, and audiences have yet to complain.

10 Quagmire’s Baby, Episode 6 (7.3)

It’s a miracle that this is the first time the writer’s decided to give Quagmire an official child, but this episode revolved around the premise that one of Quagmire’s old girlfriends left a baby on his porch and claimed he was the father.

Quagmire spends the episode trying to figure out how to raise a child without changing his lifestyle but eventually realizes the kid is better off being put up for adoption. Quagmire gives her up, immediately regrets his decision, but chooses to let his baby daughter go when he sees what a good family she has been adopted by.

9 The Splendid Source, Episode 19 (7.3)

Funny and inappropriate jokes are always enjoyable in the right context and moderation but Peter and the guys took it upon themselves discover the origins of a particularly dirty joke that Quagmire had heard.

Their journey not only leads them to Cleveland (the character, not the city) but it also reveals that there is a singular source for all of the dirty/inappropriate jokes in the world led by the world’s smartest people and the guys find it! However, they’re told that they can never leave and are held as prisoners, but manage to escape with the world’s funniest joke: “Guess what? Chicken-butt.”

8 Partial Terms of Endearment, Episode 21 (7.3)

Audiences and readers might not recognize this particular season 8 episode, and for good reason – it’s been pulled from all streaming and cable services due to the episodes touchy subject matter. When Lois runs into an old friend at her college reunion, the friend asks Lois if she’ll consider being her surrogate mother.

Lois agrees, but to Peter’s displeasure, so Peter spends the episode trying to get Lois to have a miscarriage. Even worse, the woman and her husband are tragically killed in a car accident, forcing Lois to make a decision about what to do with the baby growing inside her, with her eventually deciding on abortion as the best choice.

7 Dog Gone, Episode 8 (7.5)

Family Guy had made a name for itself in having episodes revolve around sensitive topics and still add humor to them – that’s exactly what they did in this episode when Brian runs over a dog with his car and confesses to the cops (thinking he’s a murderer) and everyone just laughs it off as no big deal.

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Brian has a mental breakdown as he realizes that his life as a dog is just as meaningless as the one he accidentally killed and falls into a depression – that is, until Stewie stages a fire that looks like Brian perished inside of which causes the entire Griffin family to burst into sobbing tears, which makes Brian realize his life does have meaning.

6 Dial Meg for Murder, Episode 11 (7.5)

Another episode that touched on a sensitive subject followed Meg as she gets arrested for hiding a fugitive from the cops. Meg develops a relationship with a man in prison and hides him when he breaks out to be with her. Unfortunately, this leads to Meg getting arrested herself and thrown in jail for a brief period of time.

When she gets back, she’s been ‘institutionalized’ by the penal-system and continues to live like a convict once she exits prison, including pooping in her room and beating up the toughest guy in the house. Luckily, Brian eventually gets her to return to normal when he shows her an article that he wrote about the ‘old her’ in a magazine.

5 Quagmire’s Dad, Episode 18 (7.5)

Season 8 with another sensitive subject. While audiences had gotten to meet several extended members of the Griffin family, it wasn’t until this episode that they were introduced to Quagmire’s dad, a retired military man who was depicted as being tough-as-nails.

However, it turned out that Quagmire’s dad was actually rather feminine and made the revelation that she was going to get a sex change and live as “Ida”. Quagmire isn’t thrilled at first, but eventually accepts his father for who she is – and then freaks out when he finds out that Brian slept with Ida once she had her sex-change.

4 Brian & Stewie, Episode 17 (7.6)

That’s right – Family Guy did a bottle episode. The entire plot of this episode revolves around Stewie and Brian getting locked in a bank vault over an entire weekend.

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The two only have what Brian keeps in his safety deposit box (a book, a bottle of liquor, and a gun) and the two have an emotional half-hour filled with back-and-forth arguments and heart-to-hearts which eventually leads to Brian admitting that he keeps a gun in case he ever wants to commit suicide. Stewie tells him that’s selfish and that he loves him and would miss him terribly if he ever did such a thing.

3 Big Man on Hippocampus, Episode 10 (7.6)

Every comedy show does an episode where a character gets amnesia and an animated-comedy is no different. Peter hits his head and develops amnesia and completely forgets everything about who he is and his life. The family tries to re-teach him everything about his past, but Peter has no interest and starts living his own life without his family.

This prompts Lois to start having relationships with other men and Quagmire tries to be one of them – luckily, Peter’s amnesia wears off and he stops Lois and Quagmire just before they get together.

2 Something, Something, Something Dark Side, Episode 20 (7.7)

Once the show spoofed Star Wars: Episode IV, it was only a matter of time before they followed up with the sequel, Episode V. In the exact same fashion as the first spoof from a galaxy far, far away, the episode follows all of the Griffins (as well as nearly all of the secondary characters) as they’re thrown into the Star Wars universe and play out the plot of Empire Strikes Back.

The episode starts and ends in the same way as the film, but has plenty of classic Family Guy jokes and cutaways to make for a hilarious hour-long special.

1 Road to the Multiverse, Episode 1 (9.1)

The highest-rated IMDb episode that Family Guy ever produced was more than deserving of the honor as season 8 opened with a “Road To” episode that led Stewie and Brian where they had never gone before. Stewie invents a machine that is capable of jumping to ‘different parallel universes’, which leads to him and Brian jumping from one universe to another throughout the entire episode.

It includes a Disney universe, a Robot-Chicken universe, a low-def blocky universe, and more. They eventually end up in a universe where dogs and humans roles are reversed, and Brian declares that he wants to stay, but Stewie ends up getting arrested and shipped to the pound for euthanasia. Brian saves Stewie and the two decide to finally head back to their own universe.

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