Xbox Series X Pre-Orders Are Arriving Early For Some Lucky Players

The Xbox Series X is arriving early for some super fortunate fans, but most deliveries still aren’t expected until its November 10 launch date.

As its November 10 launch date approaches, some fortunate players are receiving their Xbox Series X pre-orders ahead of schedule. The development comes as an even bigger surprise after the next-generation console’s pre-orders were thrown into disarray with a fresh set of COVID-19 lockdowns in the UK, though fans who already pre-ordered the console were still given the opportunity to complete paying for it and schedule a time to pick it up on launch day. Despite the mad rush of players trying to get their hands on a next-generation system, certain retailers – such as Best Buy – have said they will be restocking the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S for Black Friday, giving those unable to pre-order the system a glimmer of hope for the upcoming holiday season.

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Alongside the drive to pre-order a console, Xbox fans have been curious about any potential Xbox Series X launch titles. After Halo Infinite was delayed due to poor fan reactions, the Series X did not have much to boast about in terms of first-party launch exclusives. However, given the console is launching two days before its primary competitor, Xbox Game Studios has made sure to highlight the massive third-party games that will be launching alongside the system, such as Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Bungie’s Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion, giving Xbox fans access to the games on a next-generation device before PlayStation enthusiasts.

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As an early holiday surprise, Reddit user JMH71 uploaded an image revealing that they received their Xbox Series X early. The next-generation console’s owner also noted that they had no idea it was going to be delivered today. Having pre-ordered the console on the day pre-orders went live, JMH71 had checked the order information yesterday only to see it was still pending. They were then shocked when UPS delivered the console today.

The lucky player has also shed some light on what using the console is like so far given the early receipt. They were able to activate the console and set it up to receive updates, but haven’t actually been able to access their Xbox Live account yet.

Receiving a next-generation console six days early is certainly a treat for any dedicated gamer. It’s as if the holidays came extra early to make up for the misfortune that has consumed 2020. Despite this year deserving a do-over, sometimes the only way forward is to take the small victories and plug ahead. While most fans won’t receive their Xbox Series X/S prior to November 10, they can at least rest easy knowing the system is actually on the way – and maybe even early.

One must wonder if this was an intentional effort by Microsoft or the retailer from which the console was purchased to spread out the impending chaos that will result from the Xbox Series X/S’s launch. It is also possible they simply overestimated how long it would take the delivery to arrive and shipped it accordingly. Either way, congratulations to JMH71.

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Source: JMH71

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