The Best Things To Do When You’re Dead in Among Us

Among Us allows players to complete many of their tasks the moment they are killed off. Here are the best things to do when you are dead.

It’s likely players will spend plenty of their time being dead in Among Us. This guide will show the best things players can do once they are dead. Among Us has exploded in popularity within the last few months. Twitch Steamers and YouTube have continued to cover the game making sure it will be at the top of the charts. The gameplay on the surface is fairly simple. A player will take control of the Imposter and must kill the other players without exposing themselves. Playing with friends brings out the worst in all of them as you’ll never really know who you can trust in-game. Here’s what players can do while they are dead.

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A large part of Among Us is the debate process that comes from discovering who the actual Imposter is. Players can decide if one or two Imposters can be at play at the same time, making it much more challenging to narrow down on who is the Imposter. Once the player dies, they cannot participate in voice chat any longer. While their input in the discussions can no longer happen, the player can take control of their ghost form and continue to impact the game in smaller ways. This guide will show what players can do while they are dead in Among Us. 

Best Things To Do When You’re Dead in Among Us

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There are a few things players can do while being a ghost in Among Us.

  • Continue To Complete Your Task: Even though you’ve been eliminated, players can still continue to complete their tasks. This is essential to helping the rest of the Crewmates win the game.
  • Follow The Imposter: Even though you can’t do any harm to the Imposter, continue to follow them around to see what they way once the discussion begins. They will continue to lie through their teeth about their position on the map. It’s a great way to learn a player’s certain tricks and motions.
  • Continue To Sabotage: If one of the Imposters is killed, they can continue to screw around with the other Crewmates. This includes closing doors and turning off the light. This is a great way to help the other Imposter finish the job.

The developers behind Among Us are planning to release new content in the future. Hopefully, this new content contains new maps and cosmetics to complete. The game has been a massive success and can continue to keep its momentum with more content in the future. It’s one of those titles that reward the sly and the sneaky. Not for the faint heart.

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Among Us is available now on Mobile and PC.

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