Reported Star Wars Game Isn’t Actually In Development, EA Motive Says

EA Motive confirmed on Twitter that the reported Star Wars action game is not actually in development. The listing was due to human error.

After plenty of speculation, EA Motive confirmed that a new Star Wars game is not actually in development. EA Motive is the development studio behind one of the most recent Star Wars games, Star Wars: Squadrons. The first-person multiplayer space combat game released for PC, PS4, and Xbox One last month on October 1. Star Wars: Squadrons, which also came with a campaign beyond the 5v5 multiplayer, received mixed reviews between critics and players.

After Star Wars: Squadrons was released, congratulations were given to the team and the future of the studio was outlined. EA Motive’s VP and General Manager, Patrick Klaus, mentioned that there were several unannounced projects being worked on. Aside from mentioning the unannounced projects, Klaus didn’t go into detail about what the games would be. He only continued to talk about building the studio up even further after its first full standalone game, Star Wars: Squadrons.

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Following that up, EA Motive posted a job listing that many have speculated is for an upcoming Star Wars game. Gaming media outlets and players alike began to believe that one of the unannounced games was another Star Wars title and that the job listing simply confirmed it. EA Motive has now made an official statement on Twitter where Motive claimed, “While we’re not working on a new Star Wars project, we are working on something pretty special.” The tweet itself was in response to an article from GamesRadar that claimed EA Motive was working on a new Star Wars action game.

The job listing that sparked the speculation was for a Build Programmer that would begin immediately on a brand new IP with a Star Wars action game in mention. However, the job post has since been revised and there is now no explicit mention of the new IP being in the Star Wars universe. In the same tweet from EA Motive, it was claimed that the Star Wars action game listing was simply human error. Motive then encouraged users to follow the account and keep up to date on future projects.

As much as most gamers want to believe any new reports of a Star Wars action game, the revision and tweet sadly confirm that the reports are untrue. EA Motive only mentioned that several unannounced projects were coming, while the job listing was just as vague in bringing up an exciting new IP with the revisions. Though the projects may prove to be just as exciting as Star Wars: Squadrons, fans will just have to wait for something like a Jedi: Fallen Order sequel for a new action game in the universe. There’s always a chance this is a bluff, but it doesn’t seem likely.

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Source: Motive Montreal/Twitter

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