Red Dead Online Adds Bonuses For Traders And Moonshiners This Weekend

Red Dead Online’s Moonshiners and Traders get bonuses until Monday, and the deals don’t end with the dealers as other roles get some good offers too.

Through to Monday Red Dead Online will be giving bonuses and rewards to Traders and Moonshiners. Those who consider themselves business savvy and like to spend their time dealing, legally or illegally, can now enjoy some free bounty that may bounce them over the competition and right into the pockets of their customers. There are also some additions to the Wheeler, Rawson and Co catalogue for all the ladies and gentlemen trying to look their best in the wild west.

Rockstar Games have not been stingy with its updates and special events lately, giving loads of stuff away, and offering some tempting deals to players. Recently a Legendary Moose was released into the woods of Red Dead Online, along with some rewards and discounts, and even a new shootout map. Rockstar also got into the Halloween spirit by adding a host of Halloween-themed content, bonuses, and the Legendary Iwakta Panther for players to hunt. In conjunction, there is also a Halloween pass that players can pay for that adds 20 ranks and some new customization items, and this is still available until November 16th.

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Now Rockstar Games is offering some bonuses and rewards to the entrepreneurs of the game. Just by logging on to play Red Dead Online before November 9th, Traders will get 25 free Trader Goods, while Moonshiners will receive 1 free Mash Refill. Getting down to business and sealing a trade deal will also give Traders and Moonshiners a Treasure Map that will lead players to all sorts of rare and valuable items.

A wide selection of clothing has also been added to the Wheeler, Rawson and Co catalogue, including limited edition colorways of the patterned bandana, as well as the full Tasman outfit and the Danube outfit, so players can find a get-up that shows off their character’s good side. Also, players below rank 40 who get to rank 5 will be gifted a horse, and should players need a stable for the said horse, all Stable Stalls are 30% off. And Rockstar didn’t stop there, as players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Amazon’s Prime Gaming will get 5 free Legendary Animal pheromones, 6000 Naturalist XP, a free Wilderness Camp, and a free Katata Coat crafted from the Legendary Katata Elk hide. As if this wasn’t enough, players who connect to Prime Gaming before November 16th will get a free Single Bandolier, as well as access to 50% discounts off a Double Bandolier and a Deluxe Campfire and a 30% discount off the Improved Bow.

It’s great to see Rockstar beginning to put as much effort into keeping Red Dead Online alive as they do with the ever more popular GTA Online. Updates for Red Dead Online have been coming in fast and thick with tantalizing bonuses and offers recently, probably in an attempt to revive its player base. This weekend the Traders and Moonshiners are the starlet roles, and it’s rumored that the next role to get some attention will be the Bounty Hunters, so hopefully, all the roles will get a little love.

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Source: Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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