PS5’s Incredibly High Price In Brazil Gets Cut Just Ahead Of Launch

Sony announces that the PlayStation 5 and DualSense controller’s prices in Brazil are being reduced due to tax cuts, effective immediately.

Sony announced a price cut for the PlayStation 5 and its accessories in Brazil this week just before its release later this month, after it was first announced with a massively inflated price tag. While Brazil is notorious for slapping high prices onto consoles due to import taxes, the PS5 price cut closely follows a reduction in price for this holiday season’s fellow next-generation consoles, the Xbox Series X and Series S.

Even when Sony hosted a major PS5 reveal event over the summer, the price of the console was still kept under wraps and fans speculated about its cost for months. Finally, in September, Sony revealed a $499.99 price point for the Standard Edition, which just about matches the price of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X, and a $399.99 price for the Digital Edition. The prices are fairly similar in other areas of the world – €499.99, £449.99, 49,980 yen, and so on – except, of course, for Brazil. The PS5’s original prices in Brazil were R $ 4,499 Standard and R $ 4,999 Digital, which translates to roughly $795.24 and $882.75, respectively.

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Thanks to tax cuts in the country, Microsoft reduced the prices for Brazil’s Xbox Series X and S by about R $200 and R $400 last week, and its Sony’s turn to do the same. As spotted by ResetEra user KeyChainDude, the gaming giant announced that PS5 prices will go down to R $ 4,199 Digital and R $ 4,699 Standard. Now, to put it in perspective, that’s still about $750 minimum, so the new prices aren’t exactly in line with consoles in the US, but it’s still a bit easier on Brazilian gamers’ wallets. In addition to the consoles, the brand new DualSense controller went from R $ 499 to R $ 469 and the HD camera went from R $ 449 to R $ 419.

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The price reduction will go into effect immediately, even for those who have already pre-ordered the PS5. Sony didn’t specify anything about refunds, but Microsoft did announce that buyers could request refunds for the price difference from their point of purchase, so Sony will likely say the same. These changes are a direct result of the federal government’s reduction in tax on industrialized products, called the IPI – specifically, a reduction for the game market. The reductions were made official on Tuesday and may soon also affect the price of the Nintendo Switch.

The Xbox Series X was previously outselling the PS5 in Brazil, as the Microsoft console sold out in some of the country’s major retailers while the PS5 still remained in stock even with some discounts. Perhaps this reduction in price will entice consumers to place more pre-orders before the PlayStation 5‘s release date on November 19 (which is a few days later than the console’s release elsewhere in the world).

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Source: PlayStation Blog via KeyChainDude/ResetEra

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