PS5 Exclusive Godfall Launch Trailer Released

The PlayStation 5 exclusive Godfall receives a launch trailer that gives fans an idea of what to expect from the final game ahead of release.

One of the big exclusives for PlayStation 5, Godfall, has received a launch trailer ahead of its release on November 12th. The title has received a modest reception from gamers anticipating the launch of Sony’s new console, seemingly overshadowed by the likes of Demon’s Souls and Spider-Man: Miles Morales as must-haves at the PS5’s launch. Still, the game will have a big presence on day one – although publisher Gearbox Publishing won’t be committing exclusively to PlayStation for this release.

Godfall is also set to arrive on PC, after all, where it’ll push to find an even larger audience outside of the PS5. While this comes with its own set of complaints from fans of Sony’s platform, it means even more people will be able to enjoy the game when it finally arrives. Of course, with Godfall‘s launch pending it’s time for the marketing around the title to ramp up and the latest trailer from developer Counterplay Games does just that.

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One week out from Godfall‘s release, the launch trailer (via YouTube) for the title finally details key elements of the PlayStation 5 console exclusive. Delving into the story framing the adventure, it seems as if the protagonist (Orin) was betrayed by his brother (Macros) and left for dead. In the time since the attempted fratricide, the villainous Macros has become a self-proclaimed god and Orin is set on putting an end to that – hence the game’s title of Godfall.

As the trailer confirms, Orin will have to slay bosses along the way. Doing so will grant him their powers, which is an oddly similar layout to Mega Man boss battles– albeit with a very different approach to combat. Still, it makes the experience sound a little more unique than what has been offered from this genre in the past. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the game is filled with an awfully high number of shiny things to get distracted by. Almost every piece of armor is glistening like a mirror and it looks stupendous.

Truth be told, this trailer does a lot more than previous ones to hit an appealing note. Godfall has been high on combat showcases but almost troublingly light on details regarding the game’s narrative, which is odd considering that there’s clearly a rather compelling one. Hopefully, this launch trailer dispels some of the clouds of doubt some gamers have had about the game, as there’s no question that it seems like a more robust experience than previous assets have indicated.

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Godfall arrives for PlayStation 5 and PC on November 12, 2020.

Source: PlayStation – YouTube

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