Hugh Jackman Puts Aside Ryan Reynolds Rivalry For Mask Endorsement

Former Wolverine star Hugh Jackman graciously puts aside his legendary feud with Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds to encourage mask wearing.

Former Wolverine star Hugh Jackman graciously puts aside his legendary feud with Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds to encourage mask-wearing. Jackman and Reynolds have long played up their public feud, despite being good friends in real life. Over the past few months, the acting pair has elevated their online feud via social media, continually trading good-natured barbs. The most recent seeing Jackman trolling Reynolds on his birthday with an embarrassing throwback photo from his days as a child actor on Canadian TV.

The so-called feud dates back to the pair working together on X-Men Origins: Wolverine and was taken to new heights when Reynolds included several references to Jackman and Wolverine in Deadpool. The feud has mainly become social media-based, with the pair often popping up in ad campaigns for the other’s drinks brand (Reynolds owns a gin company. Jackman, a coffee company). The most recent of those was a hilarious spot for Jackman’s Laughing Man coffee narrated by Reynolds, which portrayed the famously friendly Australian actor as a jerk until he’s had his morning cup. But now, Jackman has put the playful rivalry aside for the sake of pandemic safety awareness.

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Jackman’s Instagram stories on Wednesday included a photo of in front of a fan-made poster of Reynolds in his Deadpool suit wearing a mask. Jackman is also wearing a mask in the image, taken in New York City, which was particularly hard hit by coronavirus earlier this year. It includes a photo around Reynolds’ face. The message on the poster says: “Cover your face & save lives.” You can see the image below:

This isn’t the first time that Jackman has put aside his public facade of animosity towards Reynolds in service of pandemic awareness. In April, the actors promised to end their feud for one day to raise funds for COVID-19 relief organization the All In Challenge. Once again, the pandemic has broken through the so-called barrier and allowed Jackman to show his true feelings for Reynolds, this time to raise awareness around the importance of mask-wearing to stop the virus’ spread.

It’s another reminder that Reynolds and Jackman have natural chemistry and reinforces the idea they’d made for a hilarious on-screen duo. Hugh Jackman has previously said that he’d be open to starring in a remake of Face/Off, the classic 1990s John Woo action movie, opposite Ryan Reynolds, though it was in service of a joke. Hopefully, though, there is a point at which the pair decide to reunite on screen, if only as a way to ensure their only on-screen collaboration isn’t the terrible X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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Source: Hugh Jackman/Instagram

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