How to Get Mystique’s New Tactical Skin in Fortnite

Mystique comes along with a New Tactical Skin in Fortnite’s Battle Pass. This guide will show how players can unlock their alternate skins.

The Mystique Tactical skin is finally here in Fortnite. This guide will help players unlock it. Fortnite is currently having one of its biggest seasons yet. Teaming up with Marvel Comics to bring over the world’s greatest heroes and villains to the battle royale. Owners of the battle pass will be able to unlock skins, emotes, sprays, and special locations all around the map themed around Marvel lore. This includes locations like Doom’s Domain, Sentinels Graveyard, and Ant Manor. New challenges are available in the battle pass every week for players to complete. Here’s how players can unlock the Mystique Tactical skin in Fortnite.

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The battle pass business model has been insanely successful for both Epic Games and other developers that have built games around this model. For example, titles like Rocket League, one of the biggest multiplayer titles of the last generation, went free-to-play earlier this year. Players can purchase a battle pass to complete challenges and unlock cosmetics for their vehicles. While Fortnite did not create the battle pass business model, it is definitely the one who popularized it. For players to unlock Mystique, they will need to reach level 80 of the battle pass. The Mystique Tactical skin requires a bit more effort to unlock it. This guide will show how.

How To Unlock The Mystique Tactical Skin in Fortnite

A player uses Iron Man's Mythic Weapons in Marvel Knockout mode in Fortnite Season 4

To unlock the Mystique Tactical skin, the player will need to have the battle pass. Players will be unable to unlock the Mystique Tactical skins without the battle pass. Afterward, the player will need to unlock Mystique then need to complete the Awakening challenges. These challenges take place between week 7 and week 8 of the battle pass and the player will need to complete at least 10 of them to unlock the Tactical skin. This is one of the skins that will take the most time to unlock for those players who haven’t been casual about completing challenges. Alternatively, players can purchase the Mystique Tactical skin with V-Bucks.

Fortnite is currently having one of its most iconic seasons yet. Players who have dropped the game have invested time back into it to play as their favorite heroes and villains. The next season is surrounded by mystery but it will be challenging to see how Epic Games can top the theatrics that has release this season. Marvel Comics is one of the most beloved brands in the world and has created thousands of memories for fans all around the world. Epic Games has massive shoes to fill when the next season arrives.

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Fortnite is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Android.

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