How to Defeat The Architect (Boss Guide)

The final boss of Ghostrunner, The Architect, may be a character that is actually harder to reach than they are to defeat, nonetheless, here’s how.

The fight with the Architect in Ghostrunner, makes this final bosses name make painfully perfect sense. The entirety of the challenge in this is simply getting to the Architect. His place on the Monster Level is a maze of floating platforms that the player has to traverse in order to get to him. As there is only a diminutive man in a suit at the top.

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Killing the Architect is the final boss fight available to the player in the quest Sins of the Father. To reach him, players will need to look at every bit of glittering gold throughout the maze of platforms and edges. This may take a few tries, as timing is everything here. After five to 10 painful minutes of climbing and jumping through hoops, players will reach the Architect.

How to Reach the Final Boss, The Architect, in Ghostrunner

The first part of the maze to reach the Architect involves a floating platform that quickly slides from left to right. Players will want to jump on this platform and ride it to the furthest right that it can go to use the golden wall here as a jumping point to the next moving platform. This is mainly a timing challenge, as the two moving platforms are on opposite cycles. Once her, the player will reach the next steady platform.

The next section requires the player to use a jump and then lots of wall running between the golden floating walls. After turning the left corner, there will be a jumping spot that is too far to reach with a normal jump. Instead, players will need to use their hooking wire to pull themselves to it. After which there will be one more wall run onto a platform moving steadily forward.

This platform will be moving forward between more golden walls the player can wall-run on if they wish to move faster. However, it isn’t necessary until the fifth or sixth wall when the platform will fall out from under the player. This will lead to several wall runs and jumps. At the end is a jump that puts the player on a platform that is slowly moving forward through a sea of dangerous red spots. Players can hook onto the orb floating above this platform to jump up to it.

Players can use this platform to wade through about half of this section before jumping on the sideways moving platform in front of it. Players will need to carefully jump from one to the next avoiding the red orbs. There are two sections of this divided by another floating white orb, players can use it with their hook to jump further forward. After this second section will be another golden jumping point near the left corner. This bounces the player up to a cross-sectioned platform with another jumping point.

This jump is followed by several wall runs that face the same way. Then there will be another white orb players can hook to make a sharp right turn and wall run shortly to jump between jumping points. These lead to another platform the player can ride forward with walls to jump between on either side if they wish. However, this time every other opposite side is covered in the red orbs. This means players will need to perfectly time which wall they are jumping to and when exactly to jump between. Slowing the process down can give the player more precise jumps here.

Near the end of the wall runs, but not at it, is a jump. Take it, as there is not one at the end to catch the player. This will bounce them into the open mouth of a moving cave with more red orbs. The floor here is like a walking escalator. Simply move out of the way of the red orb patterns. Near the end of this is another jump the player will need to take. This has to be timed perfectly, so the player may need to rush ahead to reach it in time before the red orbs fill up its space.

This jump will have the player land on a none moving platform. As the player races forward, the golden walls that could normally be used for jumping and running will disintegrate. Players will need to wait until they reach more solid ones to begin wall running once more between them. Again, slowing down the process will give the player a better chance of landing precisely. At the end of the walls, will be two floating white orbs the player can use with their hook to reach the next platform.

This is another round of walkway in a cave with red orbs to avoid. The orbs are set much thicker this round, however. Using the slow down might help if the player is having a tough time here. This time the walkway isn’t moving on its own and will have pitfalls on the floor that the player will need to avoid or jump over. In the end, is another jump in the center of the floor. This is the end of the maze. Landing directly in front of the Architect, the short and vengeful fight will play out without any influence from the player.

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Ghostrunner is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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