How To Change Siri Voice On A Mac (macOS Sierra Or Later)

Macs running macOS Sierra or later can easily access Siri and reconfigure it to adopt the user’s preferred voice, language, and dialect.

Siri is one of several Apple-exclusive features on the Mac. It’s easily accessible and can be reconfigured to the user’s preferences. The virtual assistant can perform many commands, such as launching apps and web searches, changing system preferences, and answering random questions — and, what’s more, it can do so in a voice of the user’s choosing.

Although released in 2011 on iOS devices, Siri did not come to the Mac until 2016. The introduction of Siri to the Mac is a part of Apple’s plan to fully integrate its products for a seamless user experience. And due to Apple’s commitment to providing free software updates, Mac devices running on macOS Sierra or later can take advantage of the built-in virtual assistant.

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Macs are some of the most commonly used desktop and laptop devices around the world. Therefore, Siri must be compatible with almost all languages. To customize Siri on the Mac, users need to click on the Apple menu, or logo, located at the top left of the screen, then select ‘System Preferences’ from the drop-down menu. Finally, select ‘Siri’ from the System Preferences window. It is here that users can change Siri’s voice and language, and Voice Feedback on or off. Siri Voice lets users change the virtual assistant’s voice to either a male or female, but the full options for Siri Voice depend on the language. Some languages offer both male and female voices, while others may only have one of the two.

The Many Languages Of Siri

To date, Siri supports 20 languages and, for certain languages like English, French, and Spanish, there are different dialects available. For example, English is the official language of many areas such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. However, each region has different dialects and accents. Mac users who choose one of the certain languages can also select the specific region for a tailored Siri experience. Users can also turn Voice Feedback on or off, which lets users hear the spoken responses of Siri. Fortunately, turning off Voice Feedback still shows Siri’s written responses in the Siri window.

Siri has improved throughout the years, but it lags behind Google Assistant. The Android alternative is the leader of virtual assistants because is it backed by Google’s powerful search engine and software. Google Assistant outperforms Siri in processing more commands and supports multiple languages. Similar to iOS devices, Apple restricts Google Assistant from becoming the default virtual assistant on Mac devices. Siri has the potential to rival Google Assistant in the future but, until then, Apple should allow Google Assistant on to Mac devices.

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