Hagrid’s 5 Greatest Strengths (& 5 Weaknesses)

Harry Potter’s Hagrid is a good and caring person. However, he does have some weaknesses alongside his many strengths.

In the Harry Potter world, there are many characters who act as mentors and parental figures to Harry while he’s growing up. However, while characters like Sirius, Dumbledore, and Mrs. Weasley are often talked about, Hagrid often is overlooked. However, he was one of Harry’s most stable mentors over the years.

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Hagrid is an underrated character in many ways. He had a difficult life, but he is a good and caring person. However, he does have some weaknesses alongside his many strengths.

10 Weakness: Not trusting in himself

Hagrid was framed for opening the Chamber of Secrets, and because of this he was expelled and forbidden from ever doing magic again.

He also is half-giant, and this is something that most people in the wizarding world judge him for. So, it makes sense he would deal with some measure of insecurity because of the prejudices he faces, but he was definitely more capable than he realized.

9 Strength: Being able to endure a lot of judgment

On the flip side of this, while Hagrid had moments of self-doubt, he was also very strong. He was basically a second-class citizen in wizarding society because he couldn’t do magic, and once Rita Skeeter revealed the truth of his parentage, he received lots of hate and threats.

However, despite this unfair treatment, he was overall still a jovial person who treated others really well.

8 Weakness: Was too gullible

hagrid from harry potter

Hagrid generally trusted people, and in some ways, this is a really good thing. It’s not always better to be cynical and trust others’ motives, but there were times when he should have been more careful.

He could be easy to manipulate and was gullible, especially when it came to anything related to magical creatures. There were a few different instances in the series where he got mixed up with shady characters because of this.

7 Strength: He was brave and didn’t back down

hagrid in harry potter

While Hagrid does have quite a few traits of Hufflepuff house, he was sorted into Gryffindor. This also makes sense because he was a very brave person, and he stuck to his convictions. He wasn’t someone to back down especially when he was protecting others.

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Even when he was terrified, such as when he was being taken to Azkaban, he was still able to face his fears and handle things relatively well.

6 Weakness: He didn’t understand how dangerous some magical creatures could be

Robbie Coltrane as Hagrid with Norberta the Dragon

In one sense, Hagrid’s love of magical creatures, even those others found ugly or bad, was endearing. There were many of these creatures who weren’t that bad, and even the scary ones still deserved respect.

However, Hagrid took things too far when he saw dangerous animals such as dragons as cute and tameable. This puts himself, others, and the animals themselves at risk.

5 Strength: He was compassionate toward living creatures

While Hagrid’s love and interest in many dangerous creatures could be a big problem, it was a strength that he was able to show compassion for so many living creatures.

He loved Buckbeak and respected him, and he did everything he could to make sure Buckbeak wouldn’t be put to death. He also had other pets over the years, and he saw the beauty in ugly things.

4 Weakness: His emotions could get the better of him

Hagrid is often a pretty stable figure that Harry and others can rely on, but he has his moments, too. He can be a bit overemotional, and while his tendency to be compassionate could be a strength, his emotions could get the better of him.

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This was especially true when he was drinking or when he felt protective over other people. There were times he would seem angrier than he really was or have a slight emotional outburst.

3 Strength: He was a caring mentor

Hagrid cared a lot about Harry, and he deserves more credit for being there for him. It was Hagrid who welcomed Harry into the wizarding world, and he was also the one who rescued him as a baby.

Hagrid’s hut was always a place where Harry and his friends could go to find comfort and a place to relax from their worries, and Hagrid always tried to help whenever he could.

2 Weakness: He was horrible at keeping secrets

One of Hagrid’s main weaknesses was that he was horrible at keeping secrets. While he didn’t ever mean to reveal things he shouldn’t, he just was easily tricked and would often spill the beans.

Whether it was information about the Sorcerer’s Stone or his own emotions, Hagrid wasn’t very tight-lipped. However, this also meant that he wasn’t a manipulative person himself.

1 Strength: His loyalty to those he cared about

Another trait Hagrid had was loyalty. This is another attribute that shows he made for a great Gryffindor. Once Hagrid cared about someone, he was always there for them.

He showed this throughout the years as he helped watch out for Harry, and he was also extremely loyal to Dumbledore after Dumbledore helped him after his expulsion and gave him a place to live and work.

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