Ghostrunner: How to Defeat Mara (Boss Guide)

Ghostrunner’s boss Mara, whose many electric arms make her quite a handful to deal with, can be quite difficult for players who don’t jump rope.

Ghostrunner is full of interesting enemies and bosses like Mara, a female Doctor Octopus. Here various mechanical arms or tentacles are her main way of attacking the player, outside of using electric surfaces. Due to this, she can make quite a difficult opponent. However, players can use their environment to properly fight her.

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This battle takes place at the Summit level during the quest Full Circle. None of the player’s attacks or abilities will truly work against Mara without the use of the environment of the level. The trick is to use the electric surfaces in the area.

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How to Fight Mara with the Environment in Ghostrunner

This fight is all contained within a circular platform with several blue electric boards surrounding it. These are the key to fighting Mara. As dashing and avoiding Mara’s attacks are the only way to stay in the fight. However, dashing can be used more distinctly.

Players should be dodging all of Mara’s different arm attacks. It may take a few rounds of her attacks to get the chain correct. She has three main sweeping arm attacks. There is a sliding attack that can easily be jumped over if timed correctly, a slam, and grab attack that players will need to dash out of the way of. The last is a ground wave attack, which again if timed correctly can be jumped out of the way.

As stated earlier, players need to use these dodges strategically. Players should try to stand in front of one of the four-floor terminals, hooked to the blue electric boards. This way, when the player dodges the grabbing attack, Mara will grab the terminal. When she grabs the terminal, this is the player’s chance to strike. This will cause Mara to throw off the damaged tentacle.

After this first successful attack, the dodges will need to be repeated, but with more focus on the floor. Mara electrifies a quarter of the platform floor throughout the fight, so the player will need to divide their attention between dodging her attacks and the floor. Again, make sure to get her to grab an electrified terminal to attack her a few more times.

After the player has hit her a couple of times using this method, she will electrify the entire floor of the platform. However, when she does this, she will turn off all of the electric boards, allowing the playing to wall run and jump between them during this section of the fight. Once the floor is no longer electrified, the player should jump down quickly. Then repeat this process until she is gone. Remember to get her to grab a different terminal each time, as she will no longer grasp the one she has previously busted open.

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Ghostrunner is available on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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