Ghostrunner: How to Defeat Hel (Boss Guide)

Ghostrunner is home to some of the toughest cyberpunk enemies like Hel, one hell of a ninja robot, players will need to fight defensively to beat her.

Hel, a bright red robot ninja woman, is quite the opponent in Ghostrunner. With a flurry of heavy blows and jumps, players will need to be incredibly defensive to make it very far in the fight. The toughest part about this, other than the almost constant blocking, is waiting for her to run out of stamina.

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Defeating Hel is the main objective in the quest Data Theft. Just like other boss fights in this game, taking the environment of the fight into perspective will make or break fights. Players will need to also time their fight well as Hel is not someone the player should turn their back on. Hel only gives players a split second to hit her.

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How to Land a Hit on Hel in Ghostrunner

For those who have fought against Hel, they’ll know that she is not someone who ever stops bashing her enemies. The blue bar below her health indicates her stamina. As she attacks, players will see that there is a split second between her reaching an empty bar and going back to a full one. The trick is to hit her in that split second.

After the first hit, don’t continue. She will immediately jump to a separate platform and start throwing swords at the player. Instead, the player should turn to the nearest rail and grab onto it. Ride it to the wall run and jump to the next platform. Don’t slow down as she is still throwing her swords while the player is on the move. Once on the next platform, she will be ready.

Once again, block Hel’s attacks until she is out of stamina for that sliver of a moment. After striking her, run once more and jump on the next rail to chase after her. This rail will require jumping and using the player’s wire on the hook hanging in front of the rail as it is not close enough to jump on without that. Instead of staying on the next platform the player lands on they should use their wire to jump and wall run across the billboard, to the platform that Hel is standing on. She’ll be throwing swords at the player just like last time.

This repeats over and over until the player has successfully hit Hel four times. After each successful blow, she will run to a further platform, causing the player to have to run further to catch up with her and more likely to be struck by her thrown blades. The last hit will be the hardest to get as she will give the player even less time to get a successful hit in. However, on this one, the player will steal her sword and dual wield for the finishing move.

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Ghostrunner is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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