Funniest Netflix Logic Memes Everyone Can Relate To

The thousands of movies and series on Netflix can be super compelling, and here are 10 Netflix logic memes for the binge-watcher in all of us.

There are over 182 million Netflix subscribers as of April 2020. That means there are even more viewers on Netflix, as many watch the streaming service using someone else’s account information. Nevertheless, it’s undisputed that Netflix has some of the most successful original series’ and movies’ on any streaming service available.

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With every success, however, comes a valued meme. Thanks to social media, plenty of Netlfix addicts have shown their love and frustration with the streaming service through memes that become more relatable the more we watch.

10 Change Isn’t Always Good

Starting a new show on netflix meme

There are currently almost 14,000 shows and movies on Netflix for viewers to browse upon. From young to old, there’s something on Netflix for everyone. However, once fans become comfortable with a series, that series begins to feel like home.

It can be conflicting to start a new series when The Office has been out since 2005 and the seasons are as familiar as the back of your hand. What’s worse is when viewers start a new series, and it ends up being not as good as that one comfort show users all have. It’s a delicate balance.

9 These Actors Are Supposed To Be 16?

netflix logic meme about the age of high school students

To be fair to Netflix, most shows stretch the truth in terms of looks and fashion when there are high schoolers involved. As a TV show, actors are supposed to grab the audience and pull them into their world.

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Shows and movies like Gossip Girl and Grease did not have underaged high schoolers, as their main characters but they were still successful. Likewise, Netflix’s Riverdale, Outer Banks, 13 Reasons Why, and Stranger Things (among others) all had adult characters portraying teens.

8 #Logic

free netflix for a year meme

February 29th is known as Leap Day. It comes around every four years to coincide with the earth and the moon’s rotation. This Netflix logic is hilariously on-point. If there was a secret loophole into getting free Netflix, it would be this. Countless shows from 30 Rock to Modern Family have shown what life is like for those on Leap Day. Or, funnier still, what it’s like for those born on Leap Day.

7 Do You Even Have To Ask?

are you still watching netflix meme

There are two kinds of people out there: those who enjoy being asked if they’re still watching a show, and those who are irritated by it. After a certain amount of episodes, Netflix pauses the show and asks if you’re still watching.

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It does this to prevent the viewer from missing episodes if they dozed off or walked away from the TV. This comes in handy so that viewers don’t lose their place in the series. For those who are binge-watching an entire series, being interrupted if they’re still watching the program can be both annoying and embarrassing.

6 It’s Hard To Walk Away

responsibilities meme on netflix

The beautiful part of streaming services like Netflix is that they take you into another world of entertainment. It’s a safe space to unwind and watch a comforting show or a movie you’ve been dying to see. Netflix also has no commercials, which allows viewers to watch without being distracted.

The only distracting thing is our thoughts. Sometimes, watching Netflix can be so peaceful that viewers forget they have a life to live. Homework, jobs, families, pets; life continues on mid-binge, and whether a person continues to watch or stop when they have other things to do is entirely up to them.

5 This Can Easily Be Done

challenge accepted netflix meme

It’s exciting when viewers stumble upon a new series that only has one or two seasons. It means they can easily catch up in a respectful amount of time instead of dedicating months of their time to a series. With one or two seasons and only a handful of episodes, it’s easy to dive in and be done with it. Some even see it as a challenge. While there’s nothing wrong with series’ that have multiple seasons, it’s always a nice break for the mind when it’s not time-consuming.

4 Preach!

watching netflix in the background meme

Thanks to the entertainment smartphones provide us, many Netflix viewers watch a series while scrolling on their phones. It’s not often people are 100% dedicated to a show with zero distractions. After a while—depending on the show—viewers lose track of where they are in the show because they became too involved on their phones.

It then becomes background noise as we go about our scrolling and home errands. This makes no sense, of course, but it’s something many viewers are guilty of.

3 Get In Line

free subscriptions for netflix meme

There are hundreds of frauds online claiming to have a password or code to get a free month of Netflix. Luckily for viewers who don’t want to be hustled, Netflix has a fantastic social media account that cracks down on these kinds of fake accounts.

Writing “If you want free Netflix, please use someone else’s account like the rest of us,” is the kind of logic Netflix viewers have. There are thousands of people who don’t pay for Netflix themselves but use a loved one’s account in order to get their fix.

2 When You Have To Rewatch Season One To Prepare For Season Two

forgetting about season one of a netflix show meme

Some of the best series on Netflix takes a considerable amount of time to film and produce. This could be because of the locations used on set, the amount of action or CGI that is used, or how long the episodes are. Regardless of the reason, some series take so long to come out that fans have to rewatch the previous season just to be reminded of what to expect for the new season. But, don’t put it past diehard Netflix fans; anything is possible with the amount of time in a day and a strong WiFi signal.

1 Netflix Sucks Viewers In

netflix meme on new episode starting in three seconds

At the end of an episode, Netflix has a small countdown to the next episode. This gives the viewer a chance to stop watching the series or continue on to the next episode. However, sometimes the countdown is only five seconds or so, not giving a viewer enough time to cancel. Using Netflix logic, this means a viewer might as well continue to watch the series, right?

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