Five Times A Bad Cab Driver Cost A Team The Race

Fitness, agility, brains, and a strong stomach mean nothing if a TAR team gets saddled with a bad cab driver. A bad cabbie can take any team down.

In an early episode of season 32 of The Amazing Race, a bad cab driver did Kellie and LaVonne dirty. These two women were a team with a ton of potential, but like so many before them, their TAR dreams were taken down by one bad cab ride. 

After a two-year wait, The Amazing Race season 32 finally premiered on October 14. Since the start of the season, teams have already traveled through Trinidad and Tobago, Bogotá, Colombia, and Manaus, Brazil. Now, they’re traveling to Asuncion, Paraguay, followed by Paris, France. Of course, there have already been casualties along the way. The first episode saw the elimination of best friends Nathan Worthington and Cody Buell. But it was Kellie & LaVonne’s elimination in the second episode that truly had fans cringing. Rather than losing because of their own failure, Kellie and LaVonne’s elimination could be pinned on a bad cab driver. Take a look below at Kellie and LaVonne’s story, as well as tales of other teams who suffered their same fate.

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Kellie & LaVonne, TAR 32

The Amazing Race Kellie and LaVonne

While these Olympic Hurdlers started their cab ride to the Clowning Around roadblock in eighth place, they wound up arriving last after their driver took a wrong turn that got them lost and left in the dust by their fellow TAR 32 teams. Sitting helplessly in the back of the cab, LaVonne noted, “We are far from where we should be,” and Kellie sighed, “I feel like we could’ve walked faster than this.” They eventually arrived and made it through the challenge, but they never could make their way back into eighth place. They arrived tenth on the mat and sadly had to say goodbye to the race.

James & Abba, TAR 21

Jame & Abba, the rocker and the lawyer, were a hell of a team. They claimed two first-place finishes and the Fast Forward in Bangladesh. They were running away with the whole show…until they arrived in Moscow and met the cabbie who ruined everything. With a six-hour lead on the other teams, James and Abba were feeling good. But then, while they were performing a task, their cab driver drove off with their bags and Abba’s passport. Had it not been for the passport, they could’ve continued on to meet Phil at the mat. But they were unable to check-in without it.T hey had no choice but to find the cab. Unfortunately, they never did and were eliminated in sixth place. 

Andre & Damon, TAR 3

Andre and Damon The Amazing Race

Andre and Damon, the cop and the fireman who called themselves Team 911, were the first team to be detained by local authorities. In Morocco, Andre and Damon’s cab driver took them so far out of the way that they were eventually stopped by local authorities who wanted to seize their passports. When Andre and Damon refused to turn them over, the scene escalated. TAR security was forced to step in and help them. Miraculously, the two managed to stay in the race, but the damage had been done. They fell to last place in the next leg.

Amy & Daniel, TAR 21

The Amazing Race Season 32 Amy Daniel

Amy and Daniel, and on-and-off dating couple, had a strong start to their season, placing second in the first leg. But things went downhill when their cab driver got them lost in Indonesia. Their driver could not find Wijaya Motors and, though the team changed cab drivers three times, they never found one who knew where they were going. The couple went from second place to tenth. It was a shocking and heartbreaking loss for the double-amputee motivational speaker, Amy, and her boyfriend Daniel, who had so much left to give. 

Uchenna & Joyce and Rob & Amber, TAR 7

Rob and Amber The Amazing Race Season 7

Uchenna and Joyce, a married couple, shared the lead with notorious Boston Rob and Amber all the way to the end. In an early leg of the season seven race, Rob infamously “stole” another team’s taxi. The other team had taken their belongings with them, but asked the driver to wait for them while they completed a task. Rob, seeing an opportunity to get ahead, told the driver he’d pay extra if he abandoned the other team. Rob didn’t break any rules, but he didn’t exactly do his karma any favors. In the final leg of the race, Rob and Amber were neck-and-neck racing against Uchenna and Joyce to the finish line in Miami. Uchenna and Joyce arrived first but, in a nail-biting moment, found they didn’t have enough money to pay their cab driver. They had no choice but to beg strangers on the street for $45 to cover the driver’s fee. Shockingly, the kindness of strangers prevailed. Uchenna and Joyce got the money together and arrived at the mat first, winning the whole season. Karma.

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The Amazing Race airs Wednesdays at 9 pm ET on CBS.

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