Fans Relate To Ariela’s Emotional Reaction To Circumcision

Despite Ariela’s Jewish heritage, the new mom seemed to balk at the idea of circumcising her son in Ethiopia. She was concerned he would feel pain.

Fans relate to Ariela’s emotional reaction to son Avi’s circumcision on 90 Day Fiancé. Despite Ariela’s Jewish heritage, the new mom seemed to balk at the idea of circumcising her son in Ethiopia. This is even after facing criticism from her own family about when the baby’s bris would be performed. Jewish custom indicates that the procedure typically takes place eight days after the infant’s birth. Parents even carefully choose the mohel or rabbi-practitioner who will carry out the procedure.

However, several concerned viewers recently took to Reddit to weigh in on Ariela’s experience. Most of them not only agreed that her fears were valid, but some even went so far as to take issue with the practice altogether. Many were concerned with little Avi’s ability to handle the pain of an operation on an extremely sensitive part of his body. Others noted that Ariela had every right to be wary of having a surgery performed in a different country. One wrote: “I have been a nurse for 40+ years and I will never forget when they made me watch a circumcision. The baby’s cries were piercing, just like Avi’s and to this day, I will never forget it. Watching last night brought it all back to me, horribly.”

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Experts say that Ariela’s reluctance isn’t exactly unusual among some Jewish parents. Rabbi Rick Jacobs who is the president of the Union for Reform Judaism, explains, “I think there was a time when all American baby boys were circumcised, of all religions. Now it’s a choice. It’s a decision.”

Ariela Weinberg Biniyam Baby Aviel: TLC: 90 Day Fiancé

Biniyam and Ariela are already showing signs of strain regarding how to rear their son. Biniyam delights in introducing Ariela to his country’s customs, usually with poor results. Ariela, like many Americans, is only used to the comforts of home and doesn’t want to embrace too much of the local color. When Biniyam sacrificed a goat in Ariela’s honor, she was anything but impressed. Meanwhile, Biniyam seemed shocked that she wasn’t impressed with the gesture. These are two people with diametrically opposing views on tradition. As several of the 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk cast members pointed out, anything Biniyam picks out, or anything he tries to do, she’s probably not going to like it. Add Avi to the mix, and Ariela’s maternal instincts go on high alert.

Ariela’s reaction makes perfect sense. As a new mother, the last thing on Earth she would want to do is intentionally inflict pain on her child. She also spent most of the season complaining about the conditions in Ethiopia, including medical treatment and care. Performing an important procedure, but not choosing the mohel is also probably very concerning for Ariela. Even if she’s not observant in her faith, she still wants to make sure her choices for Avi are correct. Fans of the show have been supportive of her birth plan and her post-natal concerns. Perhaps now that Avi is here and thriving, she can look back on some of her earlier decisions and cut herself some slack. Either that, or she should just resign herself to keep her son in the U.S. and not spend time in Biniyam’s home country.

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Source: New York Times, Reddit

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