Fall Guys’ Next Level Update Is All About The Fans

Mediatonic is adding a new level to Fall Guys, featuring spinning fan platforms for players to navigate, as well as something called Lil Yeety.

Fall Guys is adding a brand new level in a future update that contains nothing but fans. The beloved battle royale game provides a unique and creative twist on the tried and true multiplayer formula, having fans compete in a gauntlet of obstacle courses and team-based games that look like they came straight out of Mario Party. The game recently launched its second season, bringing a few new levels with a medieval theme.

Fall Guys was an overwhelming success when it launched earlier this year. Players flocked to the battle royale in such torrential numbers that it crashed servers. Enthusiasm for the game has certainly cooled since that explosive launch, thanks in no small part to the sudden explosion in the popularity of 2018 social deduction game Among Us, but Fall Guys retains a loyal fanbase all the same, and developer Mediatonic is constantly working to improve the game and add new content to keep players engaged.

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The newest update was announced on the game’s prolific Twitter account. The update, christened “Fan Big Yeet Little” as part of an ongoing naming scheme, will be adding a new level that features only fans. These fans serve as platforms for players to ride as they progress through the level; as they track the spin of the fan they’re standing on, they will also have to pay attention to rotating bars that could knock them off if they’re not careful. The update will also feature some bug fixes, a new naming system likely related to the game’s recent nickname system, and something called “Lil Yeety,” perhaps a smaller counterpart to the game’s iconic spinning hammer Big Yeetus.

Fans have been a significant part of Fall Guys‘ level design for some time, most notably in the level Whirlygig, which tasks players with jumping through multiple spinning fans to get to the end. The new level offers a different twist on the fan formula, and should make for some very exciting scenarios as players struggle to keep their place on the spinning platforms. Mediatonic has stated that the Fan Big Yeet Little update will be added to the game sometime next week.

Player counts may have dropped, but the game is still growing, and that’s good news for fans of both the game and of fans. New additions, including an official Godzilla skin, are constantly giving players new reasons to dive back into the game and fall over each other all over again. Its star may have faded, but Fall Guys is still a delightful multiplayer experience, and a great way to spend a few hours.

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