Dad’s Attempt To Impress His Daughter’s Boyfriend With 1966 Corvette Stingray Doesn’t End Well

The owner of a 1966 Corvette has discovered what can go wrong if you don’t drive a classic car frequently enough to ensure everything runs and operates properly.

The incident in question occurred back in April, but this security camera footage was only recently shared on YouTube by the owner.

As described by the owner of the classic American muscle car, he had just pulled out his ‘Vette from his basement garage for the first time in six months. He says that he proceeded to reverse it up his steep driveway to “show off” for his daughter’s boyfriend and decided to spin up the rear tires when heading down his driveway to his upstairs garage. This is when things took a turn for the worse.

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As the man drove down his driveway, he attempted to hit the brakes – and the pedal went to the floor. He then tried to pull the emergency brake but it didn’t work either. Left with no way to bring the car to a halt, the driver says he had three options with where to point the runaway Corvette Stingray.

One option was to turn to the left and hit the Nissan 350Z and Dodge Challenger that were also parked in the driveway. The second was to run straight through his white fence but that would have meant the car could have rolled directly into the lake of the property. The third option, and the one he went for, was to swerve to the right, hitting part of the fence and one of the brick walls of his house.

The footage shows the Corvette sustained pretty serious damage at the front left corner. For what it’s worth, the man seems to have taken things quite well and didn’t get too visible upset – at least not on the video.


Updated: November 5, 2020 — 5:12 pm

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