Batman Art Pushes For John Boyega to Become the Next Jason Todd

Gorgeous new fan art from spdrmnkyxxiii casts John Boyega, who starred as Finn in Star Wars, as tortured anti-hero Jason Todd, aka Red Hood.

New Batman fan art shows John Boyega as Jason Todd, aka the Red Hood. Jason Todd has become increasingly popular over the years. He’s known for his willingness to use lethal force, despite being Batman’s former protegee. That being said, Red Hood shone in DC’s Red Hood and the Outlaws. The series just came to an end after a near-decade long run, and helped introduce the witty anti-hero to a new generation of fans.

Jason Todd is arguably the most unlucky Robin. Jason is usually depicted as a street delinquent, whom Batman meets and tries to take under his wing. Although Jason became Batman’s second Robin, he’s brutally murdered by the Joker. After Jason is resurrected in the 2005 “Under the Hood” comic arc, he decides to takes up the mantle of the Red Hood.

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Stunning art from spdrmnkyxxiii suggests that Boyega could play Jason Todd in a live-action adaptation. While spdrmnkyxxiii has left Boyega unmasked, he’s put the actor in a leather jacket and gray hoodie. The artist has also added a red bat symbol across Boyega’s chest, which is a cool nod to Red Hood’s costume. You can check out spdrmnkyxxiii’s incredible creation below:

While Boyega is fresh off his time with the Star Wars franchise, it would be great to see him join the DCEU. More specifically, Boyega has already expressed interest in playing the Red Hood via Twitter, so it seems the ball is in DC’s court. To that end, Boyega is an immensely talented actor, who’s set to appear in projects like Small Axe and Naked Singularity. Although his breakout role as Star Wars’ Finn was well acted, many fans felt that he’d been sidelined when it counted. As such, it would be fantastic to see Boyega step into the spotlight as the tortured, complex Jason Todd.

Red Hood will be brought to life by Curran Walters in Titans season 3. However, the series will likely skip over Jason Todd’s death at the hands of Joker, so it’s unclear how exactly Jason will transform into the anti-hero. Yet while Walters will portray the Red Hood in Titans, this doesn’t mean that Boyega has lost his chance altogether. Red Hood’s future in the DCEU is currently unclear, and it doesn’t look like there will be an appearance anytime soon. Still, if DC ever decides to put the Red Hood front and center on the big screen, executives know that Boyega is waiting with open arms.

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Source: spdrmnkyxxiii/Instagram

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